blepharoplastywell eyelash  cover  aestheticAt the same time, a part of the skin and subcutaneous tissue that has formed bags and excesses around the eyes is removed, the remaining parts are repaired, and the person is given a more aesthetically beautiful, vigorous gaze.

Swollen under-eye bags and droopy upper eyelids cause a tired and anxious look. Even if you are not tired, this expression is reflected on your face. You don’t want to look in the mirror and you feel old. A beautiful and vigorous look is important even in social relationships, so eye aesthetics may be required after a certain age.

This condition can sometimes be familial and can have a tired look at a young age, but in most cases, this process is parallel to aging. The eyelid skin, which is long and tight in young people, loosens with age and a second fold occurs. From time to time, this skin fold extends to the place where the eyelashes originate and can affect the visual field. Sometimes the person may need to look by lifting their eyelids. Over time, the skin under the eyelids loosens and the fat pads around the eyes bulge forward. Fat herniation may occur when the tissue here weakens. Patients who apply to the doctor for eyelid aesthetics are usually over the age of 35. If there is no problem in other aesthetic parts of the face, even eye aesthetics alone can give the face a youthful appearance.

Eyelid drooping surgery can be performed under both general and local anesthesia. The time varies according to the region to be intervened. It takes 1.5-2 hours on average. Smoking is one of the factors that negatively affect wound healing. Surgery can be performed during the menstrual period, but aspirin and similar drugs are left a week beforehand. It is sufficient to use antibiotics and painkillers after the surgery. Generally, our patients who are discharged on the same day may experience swelling and bruising on the eyelids. It resolves within seven days. I give a special cream to reduce bruising and swelling, and I recommend intermittent ice application for the first two days. Stitches are removed on the fifth day.


With aging, the collagen content in the tissues begins to change. Percent volume loss occurs. With the effect of gravity, the aged face appears. Any changes under the skin are easily noticed.

With the trauma of time on the human body, the elastic feature is lost and the defects cannot be covered. Moreover one hundred  gestures It gives us a tired expression in the wrinkles that occur with the over-exercising of the muscles. While the voluminous tissues in the front and above add a youthful appearance to the face, the tissues at the back and below cause an old and tired expression. One hundred We take this surgical philosophy as a basis when performing rejuvenation surgery. As we eliminate the lack of volume and move the downward-sliding structures to their former places, we can obtain aesthetically beautiful and vigorous faces. We remove the excess skin by hiding it in the folds.

The effect of aging on the face is considered in two groups; The first is the central oval ( central oval ) region is the forehead, eye, eyebrow edges, nose edge, groove and mouth circumference. The second part is the parts under this region, namely the cheek, lower part of the chin and neck part. mid face The part we try to define with is the central ovale. The separation between the lower eyelids and cheeks becomes evident with age. The groove and line descending from the outer part of the nose to the rim becomes deep and distinct.

The facial rejuvenation process, which is performed by applying surgery to the area we call the central ovale, is also known as a mid-face lift. It is done to solve problems such as cheeks tilted down, facial expressions on the forehead, low and frowning eyebrows. This surgery is performed through a 3-4 cm incision made into the scalp. By entering through this incision, the eyebrow and temple are stretched. In the other method, an incision is made just below the eyelashes. The cheek is pulled up, eye bags and sagging eyelid skin can be removed. In mid-face lift surgery, which takes 3-4 hours on average, requires general anesthesia and one night stay in the hospital, the sutures and face bands are removed 5 days later. The time required for the edema to go down and the face to settle is three months. With this surgery, the cheek is brought over the cheekbone. At the same time, the temple is stretched and the lower eyelid distance is reduced. The deep bump between the inner part of the eye and the cheek is corrected. Sometimes oil injection can also be combined. Early complications of surgery are inflammation and blood collection. Nerves in the area may be damaged. There may be asymmetry in late results.

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