Eyelash Inflammation and dry eye


Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelashes. The table of dandruff, burrs and redness called seborrheic is already seen and known by everyone. Inflammations such as eyelashes, which are small but very effective in the eye board, are not visible to the naked eye, but are seen by the ophthalmologist in a bio microscopic examination. Since the patient is not aware of this, he does not think of using medication. His only problem is dry eyes, and the dry eye medicine relieves his complaint for a short time. However, non-drug applications are required.

Complaints that Blepharitis will give you

*Blurred vision

* Burning, itching, watering, feeling of sand

* Swelling, redness, oiliness, dandruff, excessive burrs on the eyelids

*Frequent blinking sensation

* Loss of eyelashes

*Sensitivity to light

* Tiny oil bubbles at the base of the eyelashes

What increases blepharitis?

*Dirty and dusty environments

*Dry eye

* Staphylococcus and similar microbial conditions

* Use of contact lenses

*Acne rosacea (Rose disease)


*Eye allergies

Take care of blepharitis.

If it is delayed, it becomes a lifelong disease.

* Disrupts eyelid aesthetics, gives an ugly appearance, causes bags.

* It is the cause of severe dry eye.

*Conjunctivitis, sty, chalazion (push elbow) eyelid problems, front lens cornea problems, difficulties in using contact lenses..

What to do?

Caused diseases should be investigated.

Antibiotics, cyclocyporin, drops with cortisone reduce inflammation.

Artificial tears are soothing.

Drugs and applications that destroy Demodex are important. Tea tree oil should be used. Demodex is removed from the bottom of the eyelash with a special intervention.

Do not forget that cortisone drugs cause eye pressure and fungus.

Demodex folliculorum and bacillus oleronius: Demodex is a hair root parasite but can be seen under a microscope. You itch, you think it’s an allergy, you use allergy medicine.
This parasite, which loves the hair root very much, settles in the eyelashes and disrupts the order of this place. It causes infection. It plays a role in problems such as itching, dry eyes, dandruff, styes, and canker sores. It is the most important cause of dry eye.
Demodex ages your skin, especially your face. Be sure to take precautions. Demodex is cleared with a different treatment and intervention.
Do not waste time with baby shampoo, special face creams and applications. Remove Demodex from the environment with special applications. Tea tree oil cleans the eyelashes.

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