eye injuries

The most common injuries are blunt injuries, punches, balls, etc. to the eye. They are non-cutting eye injuries caused by the impact of objects. There is not much for the patient to do here except to go to the doctor. Although you do not have any problems after such blows, it is useful to have your eyes checked. Some changes that are not noticed at first may cause other problems (cataract, eye pressure, etc.) in the future.

One of the eye injuries frequently applied to hospitals is the injuries caused by chemical substances entering the eye. These are cleaning materials (bleach, spirit of salt etc.), paint, glue, oils and any chemicals you can think of around.

In addition to liquids, foreign objects containing dust or particles (sand, plaster, ash, sawdust, etc.) can also get into our eyes. The first thing to do here is to wash the eye with plenty of water without rubbing it, whether it’s liquid or powder.

The patient’s most valuable intervention first few minutes washing inside. When the patient is directed to the hospital without doing this, the possibility of damage to the eye will increase in the period until the doctor’s intervention.

Washing can be done with tap water or serum from the pharmacy. Washing the patient’s eyes for half an hour largely removes chemicals or objects from the eye. Then the eye is taped and applied to a health institution. After such injuries, the patient should not delay the doctor’s advice and controls. If the patients whose eye condition recovers, stop the medications given incorrectly and disrupt their controls, they may suffer a slow-developing vision loss in the long term. There is not much to do in this period.

Fingers, nails, paper or plants can hit our eyes. Most of these cause superficial scratches and the integrity of the eye is not impaired. In such scratches, the eye becomes extremely stinging, red and watery. Sometimes there may be bleeding in the white of the eye. The best thing to do is to close the eye and apply to a health institution immediately. Recovery may take up to a year, especially in paper and nail cuts. There may be episodes of burning, stinging and watering in the injured eye from time to time. If the complaints do not go away, the doctor may have to intervene to correct the surface of the eye.

Injuries in which an object is stuck in the eye or the integrity of the eye is disrupted are less common, but the possibility of eye loss is higher. If the object stuck in the eye is still in the eye, it should not be tried to be removed. In such injuries, the eye is not washed, tried to be cleaned, ointments, drops and similar drugs are not put into the eye. If possible, the object that injured the eye should be brought to the hospital with the patient. Culture may be required from the object.

As a footnote, it is necessary for everyone who works in welding, grinding, sawing to wear protective glasses for their own health.

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