Eye Aesthetics

Although the eyes are considered the center of our face, they actually determine the general expression of the eye together with its surroundings. No matter how beautiful the eyes are, the aesthetic defects around the eyes also affect the whole. Bagging, sagging and excess skin texture make the person look more tired, more lifeless and old. The position of the eyebrows is also very important.

Think of a pair of very beautiful eyes, the color and shape is up to you. But you can also have bags under those gorgeous eyes, droopy upper lids, excess skin texture and deep lines. Even the ends of the eyelashes are combined with the eyebrows. Now imagine the same eye with a flat eye area like a marble. In fact, it is not the eye that affects the expression in the eyes, but the eye area. A good eye contour has a great role in both revealing the beauty and making a positive contribution to the expression. A person’s need for eye aesthetics may occur over time, or it may be of genetic origin. Although he is in his late 20s, bags under the eyes, sagging above the eyes and excess skin can disturb the person. This situation becomes such that in the advanced stages, the make-up eye looks more formless and swollen. In fact, most of the time, make-up makes fine lines and bags more prominent. When you wake up in the morning, the swelling in the eye begins to become more pronounced. When it goes too far, the person feels as if they are carrying a heavy lid over their eyes. When you consider the face as a whole, this defect in the eyes can negatively affect your eyebrow shape, facial oval and even your general expression.

You can determine whether you need eye aesthetics with a simple self-exam. If you wake up in the morning with an increasing tissue edema on your upper eyelid, you feel swelling, when you look in the mirror, you are uncomfortable with the bags under your eyes, if there are excess skin tissue and deep lines on your eyes that are not hidden by make-up, you can get help from eye aesthetics for a more lively and youthful expression. Sometimes, eye aesthetics can be applied to have a more upturned, more slanted or more open gaze even though all these are not present. So, what kind of process awaits patients who want to have eye aesthetics?

Eye aesthetics can be applied only to the upper eyelids, as well as all four eyelids together with the lower ones. In addition, eyebrow and gaze aesthetics and even mid-face support operations can be performed. The procedure takes about 1-2 hours on average and is performed with an incision hidden in the fold of the upper eyelid. If it is on the lower lid, the incision remains at the bottom of the eyelashes. In fact, with the latest transconjunctival technique, it can be done on the lower lid completely without scars. In other words, since the stitch marks will be hidden in the fold of the lid at the top and at the bottom of the eyelashes, it cannot be noticed by another person who has had eye aesthetics. The application can be performed under local or general anesthesia. In both types, the patient does not feel anything because eye aesthetics is not a painful and painful operation. No hospital stay is required, after a short rest after the operation, the patient can be discharged with the decision of the physician.

Eye aesthetics is a popular practice for both patients and surgeons. After the operation, cold application is applied to the eyes and the patient is asked to continue this when he returns home. This application is very important in terms of preventing edema and bruising. The first night, the patient lies in a position with his head upright, using two pillows. At the end of the second day, you can easily take a bath and continue to apply make-up after the 7th day after the stitches are removed.

In eye aesthetics, edema and bruises are largely gone by the end of the first week. Gentle massages help reduce edema, heal faster and achieve a more natural appearance. Eye aesthetics is not a procedure that needs to be repeated like botox and filling, it is long-lasting. You do it once in your lifetime. Unless there is an unusual situation, bagging and miscarriage do not recur.

With an average of 1-2 hours of surgery, you can get rid of the bagging and drooping that bothers you without pain and suffering, or you can have a more open and raised eye shape. Eye aesthetics, like all other aesthetic operations, can be performed in all seasons. We ask all our patients who have undergone plastic surgery to protect their scars from the sun for the first year. This sun protection is effective in making scars look increasingly faded. Therefore, eye aesthetics in summer do not prevent the person’s vacation. After 10 days, you can swim in the sea, and the postoperative period can be passed without any problems by using sunscreen and sunglasses.

After a one-week recovery period, eye bags, sagging due to excess skin tissue and deep lines disappeared, and edemas left the skin.


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