Extremity Venous Doppler Ultrasound

To examine the arm and leg veins, starting from the shoulder and hip level, hand and leg veins
The area up to the ankle is scanned. In these areas, the widths of the veins are measured. This
stenosis, occlusions, clot formation, insufficiencies in the veins with examination
is evaluated.
This examination is mostly performed on patients with varicose veins. A detailed color doppler ultrasound in patients with varicose veins
must do. First of all, in order to understand the anatomy of the vessel, the examination may begin by lying down.
However, outpatient evaluation of the patient in terms of venous insufficiency
required. Failure assessments that are not performed on an outpatient basis will not give accurate results and
will lead to wrong treatments. Superficial localization seen on color Doppler examination
Apart from varicose veins, deep veins between muscle layers are also examined. in deep veins
If there is no problem, superficial varicose veins can be treated directly. But deep
If there is a problem in the veins, this condition can be transferred to the superficial veins without treatment.
If treatment is done, superficial varicose veins will recur after a short time. Therefore, first of all
Problems related to veins should be treated first. interventional
radiological varicose treatments are explained in the relevant section.
The condition we call venous thrombosis is a clot that causes obstruction in the veins.
formation. In this case, there may be increased warmth, redness and pain in the leg. In this case, urgent
Color Doppler ultrasound examination should be performed. In which veins there is clot formation, what
how much space it occupies and how long ago it was formed can be understood from this examination. If the clot
If it is new (acute period), the clot in the vein can be evacuated. If there is a clot in the subacute period
medical treatment is required.

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