Exercises that Increase Blood Flow and Oxygen Effects of Oxygen Depletion on the Eye

The tissue with the greatest need for oxygen is the brain and therefore the eye, which is its extension. Oxygen is carried in the blood largely bound to hemoglobin. Some of it is molten.

* When the tissues in the eye do not receive enough oxygen, new vessels are formed. In new vessels, the vessel wall is not fully developed, easily destroyed, easily occluded and easily bleeding vessels.

* Lack of oxygen disrupts the nutrition of the cell and causes cell death.

* Oxygen deficiency prevents the removal of toxins and residues from the environment.

* Lack of oxygen causes stimulation of new vessel formation from the brain to the eye.

*New vessels bleed easily due to insufficient vessel wall. Bleeding damages surrounding tissues. It increases eye pressure and causes blindness.

* Tissue damage occurs in the absence of oxygen.

Long-term and high-paced physical activities provide maximal oxygen (MaxVO2) uptake.

Oxygen supply is important in preventing deterioration of the eye.

Why is active blood flow important? The blood flow goes up to the capillaries and cleans the toxic and waste materials and removes them from the environment. It brings nutrients to tissues and cells, establishes electrolyte balance. It brings the oxygen necessary for the cell and takes back the carbon dioxide from the environment.

Why is it important to maintain blood flow in myopia?

In progressive myopia, blood flow is important for maintaining the development of eye structures and preventing the damage caused by myopia.

Healthy development: If the eye structures are healthy, it will not be affected by the pressures on the eye, myopia will not begin, and if it has started, it will not progress. The cornea, sclera and retina are preserved. The anterior posterior diameter cannot be extended. Astigmatism does not occur. The external eye muscles, the ciliary muscle, which provides focus and alignment, are developed properly. The healthy functioning of eye functions is also maintained.

Development of the sclera: It is important that the sclera, the white layer of the eye, is healthy in progressive myopia. If it finds its normal thickness, the anterior posterior diameter of the eye cannot be extended. Add to that a healthy diet.

Blood flow for the development of eye muscles: Adequate nutrition and adequate oxygen are required for the normal development of the eye muscles and maintaining their functions at the desired level. The ciliary muscle in the eye focuses and adapts. Imbalance between the external eye muscles is the cause of progression in astigmatism and myopia.

Focus and harmony: The ciliary muscle around the lens in the eye provides harmony and focus, and the strength of these muscles is provided by exercise. Ensure adequate blood flow.

Retina: As the anterior posterior diameter of the eye increases, the cells and tissues in the retina move away from each other. As the dead cells multiply, blackening occurs at the bottom of the eye.

At the base of the eye, the retina loses its pink-reddish color, the grayish black, dark red color dominates. Lines, shallow cracks and black spots occur when these are repaired. Atrophic dead areas caused by malnutrition appear in the posterior region of the eye. Paleness begins in the optic nerve due to malnutrition. This means a decrease in vision.

The brain tries to correct the distortions. By increasing the blood flow, this place is fed better. But this is not enough at high numbers. .

Deterioration of myopic eye structures starts from -3.00 number and especially from -6.00 number of deterioration increases. Serious structural defects begin at the number 10.00 and above. The area most affected by this deterioration is the retina at the base of the eye.


G self massages:Eyelid and surrounding tissue massages widen the vessels and provide more blood to the tissues, accelerate the blood flow, and delay the aging of the skin.

Eyelid massages also reduce the pressure on the eye. It is already a part of myopia treatment.

Basic eye muscle exercise:

Basic eye muscle exercises to remove the pressure on the eye and to maintain the balance between the external muscles of the eye also accelerate the blood flow and increase the oxygenation of the eye by pumping blood to the tissues.


Hot cold application: Hot and cold application is an important issue in order not to deteriorate the retina. It allows the expansion of the hot vein, more blood flowing to the area, and the removal of toxic substances from the environment. With the narrowing of the cold vein, the blood in the vein is removed from the environment like pumping. In other words, you are expanding the vein and narrowing it.

* Accelerates the blood pumping process.

* Softens the eyelid, reduces the pressure on the eye.

* Loosens the external eye muscles and takes their tension.

* It makes the tear gland work better and prevents the Meibomius gland in the eyelid from being clogged with oil residue.

* 20 minutes a week is sufficient.

* Apply hot for one minute, then cold for one minute.

*You can use cloth or cotton. In pharmacies, there are ready-made materials consisting of beads filled with water designed for this work.

How to increase the circulation of blood flow?

Cold constricts, hot relaxes. Therefore, this process acts as a pump. This is achieved with hot and cold cloth or gauze applications.

2. Eye muscle exercises accelerate blood flow and pump blood to the tissues.

3. Massages around the eyes expand the vessels and provide more blood to the tissues and accelerate the blood flow.

Breathing exercises: While deep breathing increases the oxygenation in the eye, it benefits from this oxygenation in the mind. Do not breathe superficially, let the abdominal muscles participate in breathing.

Head and neck exercises: Head and neck movements and body exercises help this oxygenation. The child and infant already have excessive activity. Exercise should be done more in children who work constantly at the desk at school age.

To walk: It has been shown that the rate of oxygenation in the brain increases in a walking person. This walk should be carried out in a fast and brisk manner.

Vasodilators: You should not consider this as a medicine unless your doctor recommends it. You should use fruits and vegetables.

Blood thinners/thinners: You must take them in the form of food. As the blood thickens, the flow also decreases. Brains squeezing blood in feeding corners are widely described.

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