Excessive Sweating with Botox

Excessive sweating and sweating treatment is a serious social problem for many individuals today. Excessive sweating is a process that negatively affects people’s self-confidence both in business life and in life.

From many of our patients who applied to us with the complaint of excessive sweating, we frequently hear complaints such as not being able to move comfortably in the community due to excessive sweating, not being able to shake people’s hands, not being free in choosing clothes, not being able to wear the shoes they want comfortably. As a result of all these complaints, serious problems are experienced in the quality of life, which negatively affects the psychology of the people.

At this point, Botox offers us a great option for sweating treatment: Getting rid of sweating with just 10 minutes of application and returning to normal life immediately after the application, with almost no side effects.

How does botox used for sweating treatment work?

It temporarily stops the nerve transmission in the Botox application area. By applying Botox to the sweating area, the transmission of the cholinergic nerves that cause sweating in that area and therefore the production and expulsion of sweat is prevented.

What is the treatment of sweating with Botox?

Area with excessive sweating (palm, armpit or sole of the foot) After the iodine-starch test, a total of 100-150 units of botox are injected into 10-15 points. Especially for armpit sweating, the procedure is usually painless and extremely comfortable. In the treatment of palm and sole sweating, pain control is performed with pain relief creams or nerve blocks when necessary. No medication or dressing is required after the procedure, and the person continues his/her normal life.

When does botox used for sweating treatment start to take effect?

Botox used for sweating treatment shows its effect completely within 3-7 days. Sweating stops at the application site within 3-7 days.

How long does the effect of Botox sweating treatment last?

Botox is a drug that loses its effect within 6 months. However, we see that the effect lasts for up to 1 year, especially after a few applications in our patients with sweating treatment. In other words, you will get rid of sweating for 1 year with a 10-minute procedure.

What are the negative aspects of Botox sweating treatment?

Botox sweating treatment has almost no side effects. Although the necessity of repeating the procedure once a year is perceived as a disadvantage, this disadvantage can be ignored for a 10-minute non-surgical treatment method when compared to the side effects of other methods.

What are the disadvantages of sweating treatment with surgical method?

While almost no side effects are observed in the treatment of sweating with Botox, a permanent increase in sweating is observed in another part of the body as a reaction in approximately 84% of the patients treated with the surgical method. Apart from this, other disadvantages can be listed as the fact that the surgical method requires hospitalization, the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, it requires a higher cost, and there is a small scar after the procedure.

In which parts of the body can Botox be treated?

With Botox, sweating treatment is performed in the armpits, palms and soles of the feet. Among these regions, the most frequently applied patient group is the patients with axillary and palmar sweating complaints.

Can I swim in the sea after sweating treatment with Botox?

After sweating treatment with Botox, you can swim in the pool even at that moment. There is no obstacle for you to return to a completely normal life immediately after the procedure.

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