Excessive phone and computer use invites hand diseases

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With the widespread use of computers and smart phones today, hand and wrist problems experienced by those who used to do heavy manual work are now one of the biggest problems of office workers.

Due to the fact that computers and smart phones are among the indispensable parts of our daily life and are used too much, tendon and nerve compressions and entanglement in the hands seriously threaten hand health.

Repetitive and compelling small movements during computer use can cause hand and wrist pain.

In such cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor without delay in order to avoid chronic discomfort and to avoid any problems.

Desk, keyboard, mouse and screen placement, absence from work and rest periods are among the factors that trigger the occurrence of hand and wrist related disorders. Especially during computer use, the mouse placement should be positioned in a way that allows the person to move comfortably.

During prolonged use, holding the arm in the air without support for extended periods of time can also cause problems. Therefore, desks long enough to support the arm should be preferred during work. In addition, the size and placement of the computer desk is of great importance.

Various Exercises Will Be Helpful

It is important to provide a more comfortable working environment without adequate rest and exertion, to comply with ergonomic rules, to avoid long-term repetitive processes, not to work above shoulder level, to protect hand, wrist, arm and shoulder health.

In addition, physical therapy and rehabilitation methods and various exercise movements will be supportive measures to prevent hand and wrist complaints.

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