Excessive Internet Use in Children During the Pandemic Period

During the pandemic, both adults and children had to spend long and leisure time at home.

We see that spending free time and an empty mind for people prepare the ground for anxious thoughts. In this period, children begin to suppress the anxiety, fear and stress in their inner world, and sleep disorders, social distancing and a decrease in responsibilities are observed. Unfortunately, technology fills the feeling of anxiety, fear and emptiness.

Technology Use Should Be Limited

Technology had protective functions in this period, but as we suggested before the pandemic, children should spend controlled time in front of the screen. The time he spends on technology during the day should be proportional to his peers. For example, the time that a 6-year-old child will spend in front of any screen should be limited to 60 minutes a day. In children and adolescents, technology has an addictive side as well as an instructive side. Unrestricted use of the internet causes the person to feel that the time spent off the internet is insignificant, of poor quality and worthless. Long-term internet use in children is an important condition that causes attention deficit, forces them to re-adapt to school life and social life, and causes problems such as family conflict. Allowing use without attention and limitation during the pandemic is very harmful to social relations and the development of the child.

To avoid being addicted to the internet during Covid 19, The use of a common computer in the family, the use of common technological tools is very important. The use of common technological tools naturally provides limitations for each individual in the house.

What can we do in this process?

The first thing that is important is the activities that increase the communication within the family by ensuring that the children have a pleasant time at home, apart from technology. Your child should be given a task at home where he can spend time appropriate for his age. Reading books, mandalas according to age, puzzles, board games that can be played with the family will ensure that you break your connection with the internet, while ensuring that social relations are not deteriorated.

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