Exams and Exams’ Anxiety Never Ends… So What to Do?

The countdown has begun for Teog… According to a study, the anxiety level of students suddenly increases 5 days before the exam and decreases with the same intensity right after the end of the exam. In addition, higher anxiety was observed in female students than in male students.

So how should parents help their children with anxiety?

If parents expect high success from a young age and have an attitude such as criticizing their children, using physical violence, characterizing them with negative adjectives (naughty, lazy, irresponsible, cowardly, clumsy, slow, etc.) in order to correct their children’s mistakes. Unfortunately, they have weakened their children’s self-confidence. The resulting anxiety negatively affects success and is very difficult to deal with. The test anxiety of children from authoritarian and oppressive families is seen at a higher rate. When parents expect excellent students, their children’s test anxiety increases.

Again, after the child’s first childhood, during the development of problem solving skills, the parents do not provide enough emotional support to the child and the child cannot work on his own and is dependent on outside help (interfering immediately when he fights with his friends, taking him under protection, constantly saying you cannot do it, I will do it, etc.). , not being able to give even simple responsibilities to the child, continuous support for doing his homework, etc.) causes anxiety and failures in the child. This level of anxiety grows as the child grows. However, it is seen that children who have learned to solve problems on their own and who are responsible are less carefree or able to control their anxiety and are more successful.

Again, the fact that parents have been able to give the feeling of unconditional love and trust starting from the mother’s womb also affects the level of anxiety in the child.

So how can parents give a sense of trust? Self-confident parents can make their children feel safe. What does this mean? There are parents who are trying to get their children to go to school that they can’t go to, so that they can get what they can’t do. In other words, parents who are not satisfied with where they are and who do not have awareness about themselves are basically individuals with low self-confidence. While raising their children, they act with reference from here. However, the feeling of trust will be strengthened in the children of parents who display a self-confident and consistent attitude. The anxiety level of the child, who is treated and trusted consistently, does not rise easily, but remains as it should be. Because he knows that he will always be loved, whether he is successful or not. The child who takes the exam with this mood will of course focus more easily and be more successful. Many parents may think at this point that this is not easy at all. But first of all, parents should understand that the exam is not a goal, that there will be other exams in life, and that these are only tools. In this way, many children are saved from being forced to work beyond their own capacity and being directed to a direction they never wanted.

Time is running out, here are a few tips for my young friends asking what to do these days:

  • First of all, you should know that taking the exam at your own school is a positive factor for you. Thus, taking an exam in a class you have seen for the first time and you have never been to would increase your anxiety.

  • Do not deal with social media the night before and stay away from Whatsapp groups. This way, you will not be infected with the anxiety that we always say is contagious. Get a good night’s sleep instead.

  • Do not study until the last day, your anxiety will increase as you see the exam topics.

  • If you’re feeling nervous before the exam starts, close your eyes for a minute and think of a time when you were happy, try to feel it, and imagine being refreshed.

  • Remember, this is just an exam and there will be anxiety-provoking situations like this exam in your life, and you will also experience situations that will make you very happy.

  • Just take care of yourself before and during the exam, looking at who is doing what affects your motivation negatively.

  • Sit as you feel comfortable and change your posture from time to time so that if you’ve contracted your body, you’ll be relaxed.

  • There may be questions that you do not know or cannot remember, it is not easy to know all of them.

  • Begin by carefully reading the questions in order of difficulty, from easy to difficult.

  • Don’t go to war with questions you don’t know or can’t do. Put a (question) mark and leave it at the end and you’ll be back if you have time.

  • Your anxiety level increases in the exam and when you can’t pay attention, try to relax again, close your eyes for a minute and relax.

Trust yourself. The exam will be over and in the evening you will forget about the stress and anxiety you are experiencing and seem to be endless.

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