Exam of Corporate Employees with Home Study Order

An estimated 3 billion people are currently trying to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
when under isolation or a decision not to go out; companies around the world
they are trying to establish certain standards for work. Institutions, business continuity
to ensure the economy continues in this process, while striving to ensure
The need for productive teleworkers also arises.

In addition, dealing with career-oriented jobs and maintaining social distance
It can be considered as an important source of motivation for isolated individuals who have to.
However, it should not be forgotten that; The shift to the teleworking economy is at the same pace as the virus is spreading.
And it won’t be easy for everyone.

Even for those who are already working remotely from home-office, this is not a normal routine.
Therefore, the first thing to be aware of is that everyone has a different
It will be in the daily routine. So, we are all at home with the same agenda all the time. This
If we think in the context; It actually means #evdekal or #evdehayatvar
Of course, it is not as easy as we think.

Secondly, the children who will continue to work from home should be careful at home.
or other family members. their own health, their children’s, their parents’ and other
They may be concerned about issues such as the health of their elders or the continuity of their income.

In addition, they are restless because they are limited to staying at home.
or they may feel irritable. It’s not just employees; everyone at home
may feel. Working in such an environment can also increase the tension even more.

And finally, it should not be forgotten that; Despite the fact that employees are in this environment, the same
Expecting them to achieve similar performance with productivity also raises their existing concerns.
will also increase. At this point, instead of nurturing the chaotic management approach, it is calm.
to protect and to prefer sincere, supportive sharing results in much more positive results.
will give.

Leaders understand that employees have very complex feelings and thoughts.
needs. This is not a work-from-home option. both existential
We are going through a process and an event that will occupy a very large place in the history of the world.
We live as humanity. While experiencing this, many of us pay our rent, credit
we think about our debts, our basic needs for the next month. In other words, right now
We are experiencing the collapse of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory.
I will share my views in a different post). almost all steps at the same time
we are trying to make it happen.

This situation that we are witnessing and experiencing right now is actually a turning point.
point. With the Covid-19 crisis, the transition to the remote working system, whose popularity has been increasing for years,
a learning opportunity that accelerates together. Take this opportunity not to panic; from this
Let’s try to evaluate it.

In summary;

1. The current remote work pattern is a new and different experience for everyone.
2. When working from home, one should not forget that the house is crowded.
3. It is natural to be restless and nervous.
4. Leaders must move away from the chaotic management approach.

We are all going through a difficult time. be a leader, develop tolerance and
This is a very important time for us to learn to listen to each other sincerely.
Let’s evaluate.

Yours sincerely

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