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Attitudes and behaviors of families can affect children’s educational life positively or negatively. In our country, there are difficult exam processes for a good education. During these examination processes, especially families should support their children. Families have a great responsibility to ensure a healthy development process in children’s behaviors and emotions. Especially exam periods are a difficult process not only for children but also for families. A correlation can be made between test failure caused by test anxiety and family attitudes. When families show love and respectful attitudes towards their children, they can positively affect their children’s development. As a result of this situation, children have no difficulty in taking responsibility and can manage their own goals and objectives. This attitude of families improves children’s self-confidence and expression skills, and reduces potential conflicts. Families should provide their children with free environments where they can express themselves better. In particular, the study room, which is one of the factors that will positively affect the study, should be in a way that does not distract the child. In addition, families should find solution-oriented methods for the problems their children experience in school environments. In order to make this situation more effective and sufficient, families can get help from Counseling Centers or Guidance Centers.

Families can relieve their anxiety by increasing their children’s desire to work and encouraging them. One of the biggest responsibilities of families is not to lose their sense of trust in their children while they are expecting them. However, they should be aware of their children’s capacities and create their expectations according to this capacity. Because many families may impose their own goals and wishes on their children and expect them from them, and this may increase their anxiety. Families can understand their children’s capacities with the help of an expert. In other words, this situation can be associated with not forcing their children by controlling expectations. When family attitudes are negative, an increase in test anxiety can be observed. At the same time, children’s fear of failing exams may also arise as a result of individual and mental problems. In order for this psychological development period to pass positively, it is very important for families to provide psychological support to their children. Particularly, families’ positive guidance of their children and their belief and encouragement can reduce children’s anxiety and stress levels. Every child has a state of anxiety that should be at a certain level. The reason for the higher level of anxiety than it should be can actually be related to the insecurity of children. This insecure situation may occur as a result of the attitudes of the families. Therefore, we can say that high anxiety can negatively affect success and cause exam failure. Children may be afraid of not meeting their parents’ expectations and being criticized. Such situations can lead to an increase in self-confidence in children.

However, parents should not compare their children with other children. The comparison should only be made with the child himself. Blaming and criticizing children can also cause exam failure. In particular, overprotective, perfectionist, oppressive, inconsistent and disinterested families can cause children to fail the exam. Therefore, the Democratic family type is the most recommended family type for the psychological development of children. Although these families keep their expectations high from their children, they display warm and sensitive behavior towards their children. They both set rules for their children and value their children’s ideas and exchange ideas with them. Democratic families show a supportive attitude to their children and establish close relationships. In this way, an increase in children’s self-efficacy and self-confidence can be observed. The main requirement for children to reduce the anxiety of failure in the exam process is their happiness. Therefore, parents should avoid questioning them by taking care of their children. Children’s effective use of time, concentration, correct planning, control of competition and prevention of attention deficit can reduce exam failures. If the anxiety is balanced, an increase in success can be observed. Another factor that will increase the motivation of children is that they know that if they fail the exam, they will not see any lack of love from their families. The empathy and belief shown to children by their families can be shown as another reason that can prevent exam anxiety. Therefore, we can say that showing understanding to children by listening to them can reduce test anxiety. Finally, the constructive way of speaking of the parents to their children and the fact that the exams are not “end” can be shown as factors that can increase the success in the exam. In summary, all kinds of psychological support, trust, love, respect and understanding attitudes that families apply to their children during these difficult exam processes can help children show greater success in the exam as well as reduce their exam anxiety.

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