Evidence That Crying Is Helpful

Dr. William Frey, in his research on the chemical content of human tears, found that the content of tears shed for emotional reasons is different from the content of tears shed as a result of irritation due to reasons such as chopping onions. Dr. With this finding, Frey argues that crying is very special and that crying for emotional reasons is intended to get rid of waste materials such as urinating or defecating. Substances excreted from our body with tears, especially ACTH and catecholamines, are substances that accumulate as a result of stress. Manganese has been found in human tears, which can have toxic effects on the nervous system if it accumulates too much in the body.

Crying not only removes toxins from the body, but also relieves tension. Research on adult psychotherapy has shown that immediately after sessions in which patients cry and get angry, their blood pressure, pulse and body temperature drop, and their brain waves become more synchronized. These changes were not observed in people who spent the same time only doing sports.

Other studies have shown that therapies in which clients cry a lot lead to significant psychological improvement. While no progress was made in clients who could not learn to express their feelings in this way during therapy, people who cried frequently in therapy showed improvement in their lives.

If crying relieves tension and allows us to remove toxins from the body, we should consider that it is a behavior associated with our physical health. Studies have found that healthy people cry more than people with ulcers and colitis and have a more positive approach to crying.

What happens in the body when you cry?

  • Happiness hormone is released.

  • Toxins are expelled.

  • Feeding the tear glands

  • blood circulation accelerates

  • body calms down

  • Eye and nose cleaning

So as Sezen Aksu said…

It’s good to cry.. Because of the tears as they glide….

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