Everything you wonder about Anxiety

Everything You Wondered About Anxiety (Anxiety Disorder)

Anxiety is one of our normal emotions. The possibility of a person or loved ones experiencing danger, a physically or emotionally disturbing situation can create anxiety. When these situations disappear, the anxiety of the person disappears. However, in anxiety disorder, intense anxiety continues without such a concrete situation.

There may be one or many factors, the cause of each individual may be different from the others. The main ones are; health problems, losses, childhood traumas, heredity, problems in business life, financial difficulties, perhaps the tendency of our personality structure…

Among its symptoms are; feeling that something bad is going to happen all the time, extremely anxious, intense anxiety, irritability, restlessness, intolerance, sweating, trembling, acceleration of heartbeat or breathing, indigestion and stomach problems, sleep problems are the most common ones.

Coming to the question of what we can do;

Let’s improve our physical health. We take the first step towards a good mood by eating healthy, sleeping as much as we need, exercising enough, that is, creating a regular life. Then let’s become aware of the situations and feelings that trigger our anxiety and try to replace them with positive ones. Let’s learn breathing exercises and relaxation techniques, and use them when our anxiety is intense. Let’s use teas and scents that help us relax. Let’s get moving and do an exercise that will do us good at that moment, such as walking and stretching, even if it’s for 15 minutes. This is both in our body; It will also reduce the tension in our minds and spirits, and we should definitely get support from a specialist in case we cannot cope with it, which affects our daily life, and cannot be effective in reducing it. I wish everyone a healthy day. With love..

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