Every goodbye is a welcome

The only constant is change itself. What a true word. So why do we cling to some of our emotions and our negative behaviors that affect us negatively?

It is necessary to know how to bid farewell to our sorrows when the time comes. What is left in the world? Is the world left to Sultan Süleyman? Neither happiness is for life, nor sorrow… Everything is in a change and transformation… Sometimes we do not let go even if the things we hold on to expire, we do not let it go… For example, if we let go of our sadness, it will be replaced by feelings of joy… Doesn’t the sun rise after it rains? To woe to the setting sun? We think he won’t be born the next morning…

Sometimes we try and try to change it. If we feel pain and grief, we allow ourselves to experience these feelings… Not to force ourselves to feel good… Not being stuck in a certain emotion, being able to release the emotion we are stuck on is healing… We cannot do this releasing and changing easily, because it is scary to break away from our habits and renew. Even though we have our own goals and a path we draw, we need to be flexible in order to realize the alternative paths and surprises that life offers us; so that we can make more use of what life has to offer.

Let’s say you are very happy, but you feel that the thing that made you happy is starting to run out. Well, that’s normal too, because everything has a due date in life. Trying to hold it tight won’t stop it from going. Therefore, your duty is to let him go, to thank him for what he taught you, to say goodbye… To feel like a trustee rather than an owner… It will expire and every ‘farewell’ is a ‘welcome’.

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