erroneous thoughts

All or nothing thought: It is the mindset of perfectionists. Everything he does will be exactly right, the slightest roughness is the thought that everything done is wasted.

Overgeneralization: It is the same approach to that situation and similar situations after a problem. It’s like a woman having a problem with her boyfriend says all men are the same.

Override the positive:People who come to the conclusion that “I knew these things would happen to me” in the slightest negative situation they experienced and describe their great successes as luck as coincidence.

Magnification catastrophizing: In a negative situation that the person lives knowingly or unknowingly, “Oh my God, what have I done? I’m done, it’s all over!” the state of coming to a conclusion.

Emotional decision:People have the thought “I feel unsuccessful, therefore I am a failure”.

-should / -should sentences:It is the case when people always use sentences like “I have to do this, I have to finish this, I have to be there at that hour…”.

Labeling:It is when a person who makes a mistake approaches himself with thoughts such as “I am nothing, I always make mistakes, I am an incompetent”.

Mental filter:It is focusing on the negative detail in an event and perceiving the whole event as negative.

Personalization:When a mother looks at her child’s report card and sees the teacher’s note “Your child has not studied enough”, she says “I am not a good mother and this is my failure”.

Reading Result:

Mind reading: impersonating one’s own citations without knowing what they think

Fortune telling: Thinking that something bad will happen and accepting this prediction as true even though it is unrealistic

Your mental thoughts about doing nothing:



Confusing Yourself:People overestimate the work to be done, do not take action and do nothing.

Skipping results: The sentence that people with this idea usually use is “I would, but …..” no result. If he does, he will get the result, but he doesn’t even take action. That is, his thoughts prevent him from taking action.

Self-labeling:Negative labeling by saying “I’m lazy” to oneself after delaying work and not being able to act and not getting any results.

Depreciating rewards:People do not take action by devaluing the reward they will receive at the end of their work.

Perfectionism: It is an effort to do the best of everything. Otherwise they do nothing.

Fear of failure: Focusing only on the result rather than the process. Because of the fear and anxiety of the result, the person either does nothing by procrastinating or does nothing by giving up directly.

Fear of success: HE It is a case of a lack of self-confidence. It is the thought that he will not be able to do it again, thinking that the success he has achieved is the result of chance.

Fear of approval or criticism:People cannot act in any way because of these fears and they try to keep themselves in the background.

Intolerance to disappointment:It is the state of giving up immediately in the face of negative consequences that people experience.

Pressure and resentment:People increase the pressure on themselves by establishing sentences with -should/-property.

If you have one or more of the above items, it shows that your mindset is controlling you and that you leave the control of your behaviors and emotions to your thoughts. You didn’t create this mindset right away and don’t expect to get rid of it all at once, and to let negative and erroneous thoughts leave you. You declare war on them!! Remember, you didn’t learn to walk in one go, either. One day you didn’t get out of the cradle and tour the room. You lost your balance and fell on your face, but you got up and tried again and again. So at what age were you expected to know absolutely everything and not make any more mistakes? If you love and respect yourself when you make a mistake, there will be a world of adventures and new experiences ahead of you, and your fears will disappear. If you can’t cope with your problems, you can get help from experts and repair these thoughts and have a healthier mindset.

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