Erectile dysfunction in men (Erectile Dysfunction)

Its main feature is the persistent or recurrent inability to achieve adequate erection or the inability to maintain an erection until sexual intercourse is over. Hardening difficulties can take different degrees and forms. While some individuals cannot achieve an erection from the very beginning of their sexual life, some individuals may experience an erection problem in a part of their sexual life, while it may appear later. However, while some men have morning stiffness or an erection during foreplay or masturbation, the stiffness is lost when full sexual intercourse is started.

This situation can sometimes be caused by biological reasons such as coronary insufficiency, infarction, over- or under-functioning of the adrenal glands, low sex hormones, low or increase in thyroid hormones, epilepsy, brain hemorrhages. However, the sexual cycle may also be disrupted due to the meaning attributed to sexuality and impaired cognitive thoughts related to sexuality.

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