Erectile dysfunction and penile prostheses

Depending on age, chronic diseases, lifestyle and previous surgical procedures, erectile dysfunction may occur in men. Penile prostheses play an important role in maintaining the activeness of sexual life in cases where no response can be obtained to other methods used to eliminate erectile dysfunction.

Penile prostheses are divided into two groups as semi-rigid and three-piece inflatable models. Three-piece inflatable prostheses are more commonly used because they allow a more natural and real erection than semi-rigid prostheses. In this type of prosthesis, there is a reservoir placed just below the abdominal wall, a pump placed inside the scrotum, a relief valve and two inflated cylinders positioned inside the penis. All parts are hidden inside the body with a surgical operation. Since it can be deflated when not in use, it is impossible to notice this type of prosthesis from the outside of the clothes. However, in this type of prosthesis, the probability of mechanical failure is higher because it contains more parts than the other prosthesis model. Semi-rigid prostheses, which are the second urological prosthesis model, contain fewer parts and this prosthesis is relatively easy to place on the body. However, it should be noted that this model may be more visible under the clothes than the other model.

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