Erase painful memories!

If you sometimes have different behaviors that you have trouble explaining, these behaviors that you cannot make sense of may be due to a traumatic reaction to an event you have experienced in the past. These traumatic moments can affect your present and your future.

Alright traumas erasable mi, forgettable mi?

Your memories are not erased, they are unforgettable, but with EMDR (Eye Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, it does not hurt you, does not scare you, does not make you uneasy as when you remember the event. “just a moment” becomes. The memory is left in the past where it should be. The aim of EMDR therapy is to save the client from the past and bring them to a healthy productive present.

One of the most curious things about EMDR is what kind of application the client is faced with during the session. No drugs, magnetic stimulation or techniques such as hypnosis are used in therapy. The client is fully conscious, actively participating in therapy. During the session, the therapist applies BLS (Bilateral Stimulation), that is, bidirectional stimulation. This stimulation is sometimes followed by the right and left movements of the therapist’s fingers, sometimes by hearing the sound of medicine coming from the headphones to the right and left headphones, or by vibrations sent to the hand, and the right and left lobes of the brain are gently stimulated. (There are many different two-way stimulation techniques.) With this technique, after concentrating on the disturbing sensations, the client becomes desensitized to these disturbing sensations and the memories are reprocessed. With reprocessing, the client continues to the present in a healthier way. The power to cope with current problems increases.

EMDR therapy makes it possible to treat other psychological disorders besides painful memories.

To this day, thousands of people in the world and in Turkey have provided solutions to their different psychological disorders with EMDR therapy. EMDR therapy;

Psychosomotics such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Anger Problems, Depression, Exam Anxiety, Phobias, Eating Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Sexual Problems, Addiction Problems, Lack of Self-Confidence, Separation, Coping with Love Pain, Migraine, Fibromyalgia It is effective in the treatment of many psychological problems, including diseases or repetitive undesirable behaviors, attachment problems. EMDR therapy works with the philosophy that a traumatic experience for the person lies at the root of the current psychological problems.

EMDR therapy provides a rapid and permanent reduction in disturbing sensations, emotions, thoughts and bodily symptoms associated with the traumatic memory being studied. EMDR; Since it is a physiological-based therapy method, changes occur in the brain. In many studies with brain imaging devices, a positive change in the brain has been detected. This therapy, which also has online treatment, can be applied to all age groups, but it should be noted that the therapist who performs the application has undergone the necessary training and supervision.

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