The basic principle in the operation of the epilation device is that the laser light is sent to the hair follicles. Sent
light destroys hair follicles by thermal or mechanical means. In this method, the light of dark objects
absorption feature is used. As it is known, dark colored objects absorb more light.
the temperature is higher on these objects.
The melanin substance in the hair, which gives the hair its color, also has the property of absorbing light. It depends on this
As a result, the received light turns into heat and causes damage to the hair.

The results to be obtained from the epilation application depend on the devices used. in these devices
relationship of laser parameters with your skin, beam type etc. factors affect the outcome. to skin characteristics
Choosing the appropriate method is also important.

The epilation parameters that affect the result are shown below. laser used for hair removal
The wavelength of the light ranges from visible light to “infrared”.

Hair Removal in Pregnant Women;
There is not much information about the effect of hair removal on pregnant women or pregnancy. sufficient knowledge
This means that there is no study on that subject and that the effects are not clearly known.
is coming. In other words, you are faced with an unknown situation, if you are pregnant, it is best not to take risks.
It will be the correct behavior.

Is hair removal harmful?
No clinical study has yet been found about the harms of epilation. from serious damages
Many of the side effects that occur during the application are mentioned. For example; laser application
There may be effects such as itching, redness, swelling in the area where it is applied. These effects are temporary and usually 3-4.
disappears per day. Other than these, hyper-pigmentation depending on the device used and device settings,
skin burns and risk of infection may occur.

How many sessions are required for epilation?
Laser light affects the hair follicles in the anagen (active) stage. All roots are not active simultaneously.
Therefore, when telogen (passive) roots become active, it will be necessary to apply laser to them as well.
Permanent solution in hair removal will not be with a single application. But after a few sessions the result
can be obtained. To give an exact number of sessions as the thickness and density of the bristles are different in each body.
It is not possible. The number of sessions may vary from person to person and from region to region.
On average, 5-8 sessions of epilation is sufficient for a permanent solution for most people.
can happen.

What should be done before epilation?
Root effect such as tweezers, wax and hair removal cream, provided that it starts 4 weeks before the application area
methods should not be used. In addition, it is also protected from sunlight and tanning.

should be avoided.

What should be considered after epilation?
Methods that affect the root, such as tweezers, wax and hair removal cream after epilation application
should not be used and tanning should be avoided. If you are going to go out in the sun, be sure to use a protective cream.
should be used.
After the application, the hairs will come out in 3-10 days. However, the roots of most of these hairs are destroyed.
and they will never come back. They can fall on their own, or they can be pulled by hand.
Estrella aesthetic advises on this application.

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