Epidemics Cause People to Experience Global Fear

“Throughout the entire history of humanity, people have always been afraid of diseases that cannot be cured and pose a threat to life. The most feared epidemic of the last period is the corona (corona) virus epidemic that emerged in Wuhan, China and caused the disease called Covid-19. Virus 100′ Although it was not seen in our country at first, it has managed to affect people psychologically in an extremely negative way.

Crises emerge unexpectedly, creating a number of negative effects. After the statement made by our Minister of Health, people panicked and their existing crisis psychology was adversely affected. While individuals are experiencing fear, panic, stress and anxiety with a lot of true and false information on social media, sleep and nutrition problems, as well as obsessive thoughts and phobias have become quite common mental disorders. We see that people have difficulties in focusing on their daily life rituals and work, while exhibiting behaviors of not being in public places and avoiding the use of public transportation in order to protect themselves from the epidemic.

Is It Right To Panic Or Stay Calm?

While the fear and anxiety experienced by people as a result of the epidemic caused people to become conscious about health, it also provided information about the measures to be taken in order to protect themselves. Considering that the thing that frightens human beings the most and that they have difficulty in coping with is uncertainty, the lack of treatment, the fact that there are deaths in the world every day, and that it is seen in our country can cause fear of death in the person. In order to protect our psychological health, it is necessary to raise awareness about the epidemic. First of all, we need to get out of the panic state, without focusing on the uncertainties, accept the situation and take precautions without disturbing our daily rituals. If you cannot overcome your anxiety and panic, if you have phobias related to the situation, a specialist should be consulted.

Fear is Contagious! We are always afraid of what we do not know. If everyone shares a fear or anxiety about the subject in social life, the fear and anxiety experienced by people will increase and they will leave the environment they are in. It is known that the panic situation that people experience due to the fear of the virus and the future causes them to feel helpless and in a dead end. In order to reduce this emotional state, it will be effective to reduce the epidemic in our daily life, to get information from healthy and reliable sites, and to take individual measures against the epidemic. It is quite possible to see a tendency to phobicly avoid all kinds of situations and places that may increase the probability of getting the disease even slightly in individuals who are ill (hypochondriasis) or diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. By avoiding problems in work, family, romantic and social relationships, the quality of life of the person decreases and he experiences secondary psychological disorders such as parallel depression.

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