Epidemics and Natural Disasters

With the increasing epidemics and natural disasters today, we have been living in a period of psychological shock in the field of mental health.

As a result of COVID-19 and its derivatives, which is at the beginning of these epidemics and is still struggling with the epidemic, the traces left on daily life brought along an important period of increased psychological wear. increased its status.

The epidemic brought with it some restrictions. While these restrictions increase the time spent at home; social, individual enjoyment, motivation-oriented activities decreased, stress and communication problems increased. As a result of this psychological wear and tear, people who wanted to be treated and to improve the process were exposed to the following situation, which is seen as more than one alternative. In addition to the increase in the number of antidepressants used consciously with an expert interview, the unconscious use of antidepressants also increased. Unconscious use of antidepressants are antidepressants that are used indiscriminately without an expert’s opinion. These antidepressant groups should not be used without expert knowledge, and antidepressants used without expert advice can have psychologically devastating effects. We should not forget that antidepressants are not a treat that our spouse or friend can offer us.

Disasters, epidemics, etc. with the increase in situations such as; The weakening of people’s coping skills and consequent intolerance bring about the wear and tear in the nervous system. Allocating time to areas where people can motivate themselves in this area can reduce the negative effects of the process.

If the person has not fallen into a collapse that he cannot overcome, it is useful to get the help of an expert.

The natural disasters that have been experienced in our country, together with the loss of life and material losses, have increased the negative results of this process. As a result of these disasters, we can give examples of negative situations that may occur on the victims;

-Entering the age process with their losses

-Post-traumatic stress disorder

-Anger and impulsivity disorder

-Introversion in interpersonal relationships, isolating oneself from life

-Avoiding confrontation with the traumatic story experienced, a tendency to deny

We should consider situations such as anxiety disorder and depression as a result.

In order to turn the psychological results of this process into positive, the person needs time in the primary process (the situation that the shock effect decreases after a while)

Accordingly, in cases where the above-mentioned items persist for six months and the functionality is impaired in daily life, a specialist should be supported.

One reason for this criterion is that the psychological resilience of individuals varies from person to person.

In other words, as a result of any traumatic event, the process of being affected and the continuation of the effect of people may differ, for this reason, it can be observed that it continues for six months and deterioration of functionality can be observed as a criterion here and an expert support should be sought.

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