Entering the New Year Healthier is in Your Hands

We are all in anticipation of the new year, some of us see the school they dream of, some of us a new job, some of us look at the new year as a chance because they could not do it before. Of course, setting new goals and making plans to improve ourselves is the most important step. If your goal in the new year is to raise your awareness for a healthy life. If you want to increase your weight and not burden yourself with your excess weight, you need to make some things a habit for a healthy life and adopt it as a lifestyle.
Beginnings are always good.
Whatever the subject you will start with. Make a plan and list the necessary items for this plan. Keep a good list of what is necessary for you so that you can get help from the list to follow the changes in your life. If it is a healthy life, write down every decision you make in the name of healthy eating. Do you want to complain and start a new sport or read new books to make healthier meals in the kitchen? Make up your mind, they are inseparable, because diet alone should not be seen as a small part in the weight loss process, such as exercise or physical activity, which is only 70% efficient and 30%. However, the two together will produce more efficient results.
Say hello to the new year with health…

On New Year’s Eve, our food consumption is so exaggerated that there is love to those who can stop it.

• If you are one of those who will celebrate New Year’s Eve outside, consuming a soup without cream before leaving the house or having a snack will prevent you from being hungry for a long time and will help you eat less than the main meal.
• Using yoghurt appetizers and cheeses other than cheddar-tulum cheese in the hors d’oeuvre will both keep you full for longer and provide a light transition.
• Since the quality of the oils used is not known, stomach ailments may occur. Any food fried in oil is risky due to carcinogenic components and it is among the things that should be avoided as it causes abundant calorie intake. It would be a healthier choice to consume boiled vegetables instead of fried vegetables such as fried non-patch pastry or şakşuka.
• It is best to choose a menu with protein and vegetables as the main course.
• Consuming nuts or snacks together with alcoholic beverages will cause us to consume more calories. Drinking consumption negatively affects your weight loss with its high calorie content.
• Try to drink plenty of water throughout the night as drinks cause water retention in the body.
• If you wake up with a headache the next day, you should start the day with a light breakfast, away from caffeine-containing tea or coffee.
• Take care to walk for 30 or 60 minutes after breakfast.
• Fruits with antioxidant and vitamin C content should be preferred as snacks. For example; apple, pomegranate, orange, kiwi, tangerine or pear.
• Attention should be paid to portion control. Some fruits (such as pomegranate, banana, pear, grape..) have a high glycemic index (the rate of rapidly increasing and decreasing blood sugar), so it is absolutely necessary to consume a milk group (yogurt, milk or kefir).

Wishing you health, luck and success in the new year…

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