ENT Foreign Body

Foreign bodies, especially in children’s ears, nose, throat and esophagus or respiratory tract
they can escape.

Children often use objects such as toy parts, beads, buckles, coins, sewing or pins.
they can cause immediate problems that can be serious if they get stuck in their mouth, ears or nose.

In adults, such problems are often caused by accident, by joking, or by mental retardation or neurologic deficits.
found in the presence of diseases. In case of any substance getting into the nasal and throat tracts, especially
must be removed immediately.

Foreign Bodies in the Ear
Foreign bodies usually remain in the ear canal. The most common items:

• Foodstuffs, fruit seeds, nuts
• Insects
• Toys and parts
• Buttons and beads
• Crayon pieces
• Small batteries

Foreign objects that children can insert into their own or friends’ ears are simple in the external ear canal.
It can cause serious damage such as perforation of the eardrum and middle ear damage.
can open.

What are the Symptoms of a Foreign Body in the Ear?

Sometimes foreign bodies in the ear may not give any symptoms. Some objects, for example; food
substances or insects may cause pain, redness, or discharge. Deafness of hearing, what does the object
Depends on how tight it is. Insects are particularly disturbing with their movements and sounds.

Removal of Foreign Bodies in the Ear

First of all, an ENT specialist should be found. Trying to remove foreign objects by non-qualified persons
may cause irreversible damage.

Complete removal of the foreign body in the ear from the ear is the basis of the treatment. stranger in ear
It is not correct to insert sharp, long objects to remove objects. The auricle is backward and forward in a small child.
The object is removed with the appropriate tool by pulling it downwards and upwards. Especially round objects.

Holding it out is dangerous. When trying to hold it, it may run deeper. The object in the ear canal
The following methods can be used by the doctor to remove it:

– With various tools inserted into the ear, it is tried to pull the object out by getting behind it.
-Can be vacuumed with aspirator
-Can be removed with various handles accompanied by a microscope.

After the foreign body is removed, both ears are reevaluated. ‘Cause sometimes kids have both ears
They might as well have inserted something. If the ear canal is damaged, antibiotic drops can be used.

Foreign Bodies in the Nose
Foreign bodies that the child can put into his nose are usually soft. These include tissue paper,
soil, toy pieces, eraser. Sometimes when the child tries to smell something
can escape. Often when children are bored, curious or imitating other children
they always put things in their noses.

What are the Symptoms of Foreign Matter in the Nose?

The most common symptom of a foreign body in the nose is a runny nose. Usually from the side of the object, foul-smelling,
Inflamed or bloody discharge may be seen.

Treatment of Foreign Bodies in the Nose

In the treatment, it is essential to remove the foreign body from the nose by the doctor. Long objects pointed to the nose
should not be inserted. By pressing the root of the nose opposite the side where the foreign body is, the person
it is blown. Sometimes the child may need to be sedated to remove the object from their nose.
In this case, the application is made in hospital conditions, according to the size of the problem, in agreement with the child. ENT
The specialist will remove the object from the child’s nose using the following methods:

• Vacuuming with metal-tipped aspirators
• Pulling out with tools reaching the back of the object
• Holding and pulling with endoscopic imaging

If the object is too deep, it can be removed by pushing it forward and dropping it into the mouth. However, this method does not allow the child to faint.
It should be applied by experienced hands as it carries the risk of escaping into the pipe. After the object is removed
Nasal drops or antibiotics may be prescribed.

Foreign Body in Respiratory Tract
Foreign body in the respiratory tract is an emergency that requires prompt treatment. Foreign body down
it can get stuck in the narrowed airways and block any part of the lungs. in the respiratory tract
Foreign body constitutes approximately one of the causes of death due to home accidents in children under 5 years of age.
Like foreign body problems of other regions, when children are bored or curious

They tend to put things in their mouths. In such a case, the foreign body in the esophagus or breathing
may escape into the pipe. If it escapes into the trachea, the situation is more urgent and important. Also the meals
In children with incomplete teeth, it may be a cause of clogging due to the inability to chew the food properly.

Children aged 7 months to 4 years are not exposed to various small objects (seeds, toy pieces, grapes, damaged
money, pebbles, nuts, buttons, pins) there is a risk of suffocation. Therefore, keep a close eye on children.
should be listened to.

What are the Symptoms of Foreign Body in the Respiratory Tracts?

Foreign body entering the trachea requires immediate treatment. Each child’s symptoms can be different.
However, the most common signs that the child is clogged by a foreign body are:

• Shortness of breath, congestion, bruising, retching
• Cough
• Having a whistling sound while breathing (chilling sound)

In some cases, although the initial symptoms listed above are alleviated, the foreign body is still breathing.
It could be blocking their way. In this case, other signs of clogging should also be known:

• wheezing
• worsening cough
• The child’s inability to speak
• Pain in the throat or chest
• Hoarseness
• Bruising on the lips
• inability to breathe
• Loss of consciousness of the child

Treatment of Foreign Bodies in the Respiratory Tracts

The foreign body stuck in the throat is removed manually if it can be reached by hand. Otherwise if the child is upside down
It is helped by holding it and hitting it between the two large shoulder blades. The severity of the problem and its treatment
It depends on the degree of obstruction in the path. If the child’s obstruction is complete, the child will not be able to breathe,
He will not be able to speak and his lips will turn blue. Since this situation requires urgent intervention, immediately go to the emergency room.
should be applied. Sometimes surgery may be required to remove the foreign body. Other mild findings
Children who can speak and breathe should be taken to the hospital without delay.

Symptoms and treatment of esophageal foreign bodies

Foreign bodies inserted into the esophagus often lead to a less noisy clinical picture.
Since children see many things that come into their hands into their mouths, such objects that can be swallowed are present in their environment.
Not letting go provides a very important protection. If the swallowed foreign body is larger than the diameter of the esophagus
If it is large, it remains stuck in the esophagus. Difficulty in swallowing, sore throat, shortness of breath
Symptoms may vary in severity.

Esophageal foreign bodies also require admission to the hospital. These objects are classified according to their types,
Depending on their size and the place where they are attached, they can be made with simple or operating room-required measures.
they are removed.

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