The Enneagram is an approach that offers explanations through nine basic personality models. When blended with the ancient philosophy of the East and the scientific approach of the West, it provides guiding data for us. So what is this information good for?

Getting to know one’s self

To understand one’s self

To better know and understand one’s family, environment, children, spouse…

Developing a more inclusive perspective when building relationships

To be able to make more conscious choices such as job choice, working style, and the field in which he will be successful.

To know his potentials and weaknesses.

It can be functional in many areas. However, it should not be thought of as ‘reducing the world according to the nine-person model’. Because there are not only nine models. It contains quite detailed information about wings, subtypes, systems, comfortable stress point, emotion-thought-physics center etc. For example, someone with type 2 may not exhibit the same characteristics as another type 2. Information such as the dominant wing or the dominant subtype, the stage of type 2, etc. are periodic.

According to this model, when we consider the types in general, the following can be said:

Type 1: The motto of the temperament type that seeks perfection is “everything should be perfect”.

Therefore, the shortcomings bother him and cause him to find many things strange.

Healthy Type1: struggles with his perfectionist side, is aware of his responsibilities

Possible Pathology: Obsessive compulsive disorder

Type2: The motto of type2 focused on feeling emotions is: “Let’s love, let’s be loved”

That’s why he tries to get along well with everyone and may not realize that the sacrifice is overdone.

Healthy Type2: admits that he may not get along well with everyone and adjusts the dosage of benevolence

Possible Pathology: Borderline personality pattern

Type3: The motto of type3 with an admirable self-image is “everyone love me”

Therefore, he is ambitious and likes to attract attention.

Healthy type3: Doesn’t just use his competitive side to stand out, he can channel his successes well.

Possible Pathology: It is narcissism-hysteria.

Type4: The motto of type4, who seeks the Meaning of emotion-thought, is “we are all unique”.

Type4, who can be quite original and creative, may feel isolated in society.

Healthy Type4: Can make his search meaningful with good works

Possible Pathology: Depression

Tip5: The motto of Tip5, which tries to reach the meaning of knowledge: “everything is knowledge”

This type, whose investigative side is at the forefront, can be disconnected from the real world from time to time.

Healthy type5: can do successful work by specializing in the field he likes

Possible Pathology: Anti-social

Type 6: The motto of type 6, who seeks stability and serenity, is “don’t trust anyone”

It is not easy for this type, known as the guarantor, to have the perception that he lives in the safe world.

Healthy Type 6: Can be aware of and control their worries

Possible Pathology: Anxiety disorders- Paranoid-schizoid.

Type7: The motto of type7, who seeks the pleasure of discovery: “life is in motion”

Curious and adventurous, type7’s feet may well be on the ground.

Healthy type 7: Does not get caught up in the course of curiosity and discoveries, but does not give up on them either

Possible Pathology: Mania (bipolar)

Type 8: The motto of this type who seeks absolute power is “Let everything be as I want”

Because of his dominant character, he may not realize that he is trying to pacify the people around him.

Healthy type 8: can recognize their dominance and tame them like protectionism, setting boundaries, etc.

Possible Pathology: Impulse control disorder-narcissism

Type 9: The motto of type 9, which seeks comfort, is “we came to the world to be comfortable”.

Since he is very fond of his comfort, his lazy side may outweigh.

The healthy type: Does not like conflict, is peaceful, finds his own motivations

Possible Pathology: Passive aggression.

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