Empathetic goals in rule-making

Dear parents,

Just as I observe the child in detail in my developmental assessment sessions, I also observe you parents in detail. I am watching and listening to your expectations and goals for your children.

-No, don’t put that in your mouth!

-Drop it, my daughter/son!

-Play with that one in front of you!

-Don’t get up, don’t go, don’t run!

Parent-centered goals are directed towards the child’s respect and obedience to the parent, that is, towards the parent’s needs, regardless of the child’s wishes and choices. But when the work is put into practice, we see that our child reacts to these harsh directives.
The goal that is positive and helpful is the Empathic Goals. It is aimed at providing love – trust – tolerance, putting the needs of the child to the fore.
By taking into account what your child’s needs may be in that situation, you can maintain a sense of closeness between you.
In other words, while setting rules and waiting for your child to follow these rules;

– Not ignoring the child’s needs,

– Maintaining the established trust, closeness, making you feel that you are with him emotionally.

These are our goals.

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