Emotionally Immature Partner

Do you know someone who has difficulty in communicating in depth and in a balanced way, who cannot help satisfy their childlike desires? These people, who may seem cold and selfish, are emotionally immature individuals.

emotional maturation; It is a direct reflection of genetic inheritance and family relationships. Considering the emotional development of the child, the attitude of the parents plays a big role in emotional maturation. Limited and often one-sided dialogue, lack of expression of feelings, with the child’s parents

adversely affect the formation of the bond. This inhibits the child’s sense of lovability and hinders the development of intimacy skills. When a child becomes an adult, he still remains an individual with childlike desires and is emotionally immature.

Everything is about them. They do not care about your feelings, interests and needs. They have a tendency to always focus on the relevant part of events. The fact that your partner is not paying attention to your concerns and the things you care about is one of the signs that they are emotionally immature.

They highlight direct lines of defense when you raise a complaint. It is important to distinguish between healthy use of humor and unhealthy mocking. If your partner makes fun of you while voicing your discomfort, it’s one of the signs that you’re emotionally immature.

If there is a problem, they have a hard time taking responsibility.Blaming others is their first choice. If you had ironed my suit, I could have left the house early to get to work.Getting your partner out of the way by externalizing the problem is one of the signs that he is emotionally immature.

They are fixed minded. It doesn’t make sense for you to present the antithesis to something. Don’t be surprised if they still believe in theirs even if you disprove theirs. Looking at the issue from different angles does not make them feel safe because they believe it blindly. If he insists and doesn’t respect your opinion, it’s one of the signs that your partner is emotionally immature.

Emotions are scary for them. Emotionally immature individuals are those who did not grow up learning about emotions as children. They are afraid of feelings that they do not know. If they express their feelings, the truth will come out with them. They don’t prefer it. They may act contradictory with a cold expression. If your partner is struggling to suppress their emotions, this is one of the signs that they are emotionally immature.

Children of emotionally immature parents inherit some traits from their parents. This does not necessarily mean that the features will remain exactly the same.

If you think your partner has similar characteristics, do not despair. If your partner is willing to change, you can try ways to make it less damaging to your relationship. What makes you feel uneasy? Recognize them first. Ignoring the things that bother you does not lay the groundwork for your relationship to continue, but to cause greater destruction in the first problem you do not ignore. Make it a habit to set healthy boundaries and articulate them. When faced with situations that you don’t like, try to give helpful responses by avoiding a destructive and angry reaction. I told you to take out the trash, but what happens if you do what I say properly? This is an example of a reaction. What would you say to say? ” I guess you forgot to take out the trash again. The fact that you’re forgetting what I said makes me feel like you don’t care. I need you to be more careful.” That’s a pretty rich response. In this reaction, you are actually speaking a language that your partner does not know. Allow him to understand and internalize this language. With a firm stance in the face of such situations not resistant to change You can help your partner. Couples therapy is a good opportunity for those who want to get some extra help.

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