It’s not your stomach that’s hungry, it’s your soul

We use food both as food and as a means of satisfaction that relieves our emotional fluctuations. Physical hunger is the hunger that occurs to meet our energy needs. When you feel physical hunger and consume enough of the nutrients you need, you use the food as “fuel”. On the other hand, if you have a habit of eating without being hungry to suppress your emotions, you are using food as a “tool”. This is called emotional hunger.

When you are sad, you lose your appetite or you turn to cake or pastry.
When you feel alone, you don’t have a bite or you run to a hamburger or kebab shop right away.
Even if you eat a lot, you do not feel full.
You always want to have a snack
You want to snack when you are full
you often get hungry
You want to wake up at night and run to the refrigerator to eat something
You eat when you’re bored

Emotional hunger can be perceived as physical hunger and cause overeating.
Various problems, stress can push a person to overeat. This situation causes excess weight gain, and the weight gained increases the stress of the person and causes him to overeat. This situation creates a vicious circle that the person cannot get out of. For some individuals, eating is the main way to get rid of negative emotions or to feel a positive emotion.
“I am happy when I eat”
“I eat something when I’m bored and I feel better”
It is only a temporary relief from emotional eating. In the long run, the individual experiences regret, guilt and negative emotions.

It’s not your stomach that’s hungry, it’s your soul. Try to feed and satiate your soul.

If the refrigerator attracts you when you feel bad, turn on your computer instead of the refrigerator and read the success stories of people who have reached their ideal weight, or go to the nearest park and take a walk. These will help diffuse your concentrated emotions.
If you have a lot of time to go to the refrigerator, you can feed a pet to reduce your stress.
Exercise is helpful in overcoming emotional hunger. When you feel emotional hunger, create walking programs of at least 10-15 minutes.
Everything starts with love. You value something you love. If you love yourself, you value yourself. If you love yourself, you think you deserve to have a beautiful body. You value your body.

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