At the center of all the emotional turmoil we experience are the feelings of love and the opposite of love, hate. We desire to love and be loved. When we encounter behavior that is hateful rather than loved, we don’t know what to do with these feelings and who to talk to about them. We are left with the need to oppose this hateful behavior and the helpful emotions that are locked inside us. At the very least, we cannot share our need for love. We do not understand the hatred we feel, and we understand very little about the feelings of others. We hide our feelings or lie about it or pretend we don’t feel it.
Many of us have been so heartbroken in our close relationships, where we can live freely without listening to our feelings, that we hide ourselves, we cannot reveal it, even when we are in the grip of that passionate love. Heartaches that are not forgotten for a long time prevent us from fully releasing ourselves, and when we relate to someone, we partially keep our secrets and keep a protective distance. We do not give ourselves fully to the other person. Rarely, we have our most beautiful emotional experiences without hindrance, and we allow ourselves to experience our deep-seated love for someone. Usually, instead of experiencing these deep and beautiful feelings, we build our lives on resentments and disappointments. These feelings sometimes turn into a feeling of complete hatred. Once hate is revealed, it permeates everything and ends love completely.
Much of what we feel should be experienced. We open ourselves to experiencing sincere and deep feelings. We are open to bonding with others, to understanding and being understood. In short, we are longing to love and be loved. But how to reach that point? We know that experiencing our feelings from the heart, having passionate passions, that is, to love, to be loved, to cry, to cheer up, even to suffer, is a rich and valuable experience. In fact, we are constantly in search of indirectly artificial ways to experience our emotions. For this, we use drugs or go to adventure, horror and romantic movies, and become addicted to knees on TV. We do all this to be emotionally aroused. We are tempted to participate in risky activities that will cause us to feel intense excitement because we can’t find the things we really miss.
When we look at the society, we can easily see how this trauma of lovelessness and hatred causes numbness and deep emotional discomfort. An out-of-control hateful lifestyle can suddenly engulf our entire lives and society and be passed down from generation to generation.
We urgently need to break the cycle of emotional numbness, violence and lovelessness. One way is to learn emotional awareness, experience the feeling of love, and finally develop empathy. the ability to be open-hearted; to feel what others are feeling, to respond to their feelings with compassion, kindness and kindness. Being aware of our love experiences will enable us to see our anger, hatred, and other negative emotions clearly. In order to make our emotional explorations, it is necessary to recognize, understand and learn to express these emotions.
As emotional explorers, we can make sure that our emotions are with us instead of working against ourselves and our environment. We learn to deal with difficult, emotional situations that lead to lying, snapping, fighting, hurting other people. Instead of these feelings, we learn to enjoy the feelings of love, of being hopeful and cheerful.
Unfortunately, many of us are constantly traumatized by emotional risk, some from mundane daily challenges, some from betrayal and disappointment. If we do not find the starting point with our emotional explorations, we freeze to protect ourselves from all emotional pain. When we hide in the protective emotional shell, we lose touch with our emotions and become powerless by losing the ability to understand and control our emotions.
We hunger for emotional experience and seek to find it. Emotional exploration is a direct and effective way for us to reconnect with our emotions and feelings and the power of emotions, especially the power of our love.

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