EMDR Therapy

Shall we go down to your childhood together? In fact, the most obvious sentence that comes to mind when talking about a psychologist is ‘going down to childhood’, albeit jokingly. EMDR therapy is exactly that.

EMDR therapy reviews all the traumas the individual has experienced from the age of 4-5 until today. We unconsciously accumulate many bad memories in our subconscious. Sometimes this is a word our mother said, sometimes death, sometimes accident, sometimes jealousy of siblings… The underlying thoughts are ‘I am worthless, I am weak, I am a failure.’ In other words, the bad thoughts we attribute to ourselves… The labels we put on ourselves… The feeling of worthlessness created by our father’s love, which we thought did not give us, may cause us to think that our spouse does not value us years later. Or the feeling of being unable to cope with my weakness… Here we say goodbye to all of these thanks to EMDR therapy. If I said goodbye, of course we can’t delete it. EMDR therapy has no such promise. You will remember that memory again, but it will not leave a bad mark on you. So you get rid of the ‘I am worthless’ perception.

So how is EMDR Therapy applied? With two-way stimulation… It enables the brain to reprocess the memory with two-way sound from the ear, two-way eye tracking, and two-way stimulation from the knee. Bidirectional stimulation revives the memories in the brain and causes us to experience the event again like the first day and feel the same emotions again. And over time we become desensitized.

Sometimes I hear the question “Is it like hypnosis, sir?” No way! On the contrary, hypnosis commands the brain directly, while EMDR releases the brain. The mind brings whatever it wants. It does not bring back what it is not ready for. Some clients feel uneasy when starting EMDR therapy. What if there are memories that I don’t want, that I can’t handle. Never forget that the BRAIN NEVER BRINGS THE MOMENT OF IT’S NOT READY.

The emergence of bad thoughts that we suppressed in the first weeks of starting EMDR can create negative feelings in us. Stress reactions such as nausea and insomnia may occur. But only a few weeks… Then they see the impact on all clients as obvious. A happier self… In fact, if you look at it, you realize how valuable you are. You are bringing your suppressed feelings to the surface. Under the sentence “I am worthless” there is a great desire to be valuable. We will give the greatest value to ourselves. You should feel it not because someone else sees you as valuable, but because you value yourself. For example, you should not be overly altruistic just so that people will love you and value you. You shouldn’t be so unfair to yourself. An unhappy individual who tries to be self-sufficient for everyone but is not self-sufficient… It is not heartwarming at all.

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, the more you value yourself, the more you love yourself, the more the people around you value you and the more they love you. A client of mine recently said, ‘I don’t even allow compliments on me, I call all my successes luck.’ she said during therapy. Therefore, things change after a while in the eyes of people. What a great awareness, right?

This is where the first job starts. First, we become aware of the normals in our own brain, and then we change them. You may feel like you’ve jumped from EMDR therapy to something else, but no. Actually, I’m talking about the changes after EMDR. Your life is fundamentally changing. Your outlook on life, your place in life, your stance changes. My clients say how much trauma and bad memories actually change. Do not harm yourself by hiding all the bad memories you have experienced under the carpet or by ignoring them and suppressing them. Get support from any psychologist.

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