Emdr (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing)


EMDR is a therapy method named with the initials of the words “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”. It has been translated into Turkish as “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing”. EMDR therapy is a therapy method that allows us to get rid of the effects and relax by giving a meaning to the disturbing events, memories and unrest that we experience and cannot get rid of.

According to EMDR, behind problems, negative thoughts, emotions, personality traits, and behaviors lie memories that disrupt function and adaptability, and that have been stored unprocessed and uncorrected. The individual’s negative beliefs about himself (for example: I am useless), negative beliefs, emotional reactions (fear of being successful), and negative somatic reactions (heartburn and pain before the exam) are not the problem itself, but its symptoms, today’s manifestations. Unprocessed memories that cause negative beliefs and emotions are triggered by events in the present.

In which situations is EMDR Therapy applied?

Natural disasters,

major accidents,

losses, war,

harassment, rape,

Traumatic events in childhood

Negative situations in daily life around family, work, school,

Being exposed to violence, being unwanted, humiliated,


Performance anxiety and failures,

body image disorder,

It is an effective psychotherapy method used in the treatment of many diagnosed diseases such as panic disorder, panic attacks, vaginismus, depression, anxiety and migraine.

How does the treatment process progress?

Completion of all treatment goals is accomplished through the implementation of the 3-step protocol.

We can list them as follows;

a- Past memories,
b- Disturbing current events,
c- Disturbing possible future scenarios.

The therapist shapes this protocol according to the overall clinical picture and aims to minimize the present symptoms.
First of all, the emotional traces of these past events are reduced or eliminated by working on the past memory, which is thought to be the source of the problem in the person’s daily life. Afterwards, the same working process continues on the current situations where the person has this problem. As a final step, EMDR sessions are held for future situations where he is worried that he will experience this problem.

How long does the therapy take to be effective?

Sometimes it is observed that the problem is solved in a single session, and sometimes it may require longer working stages.

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