Elimination Diet

Elimination diet is one of the most asked questions. In this article, what is the elimination diet for you?, How is the elimination diet applied? I tried to answer the most frequently asked questions.

There are many people suffering from chronic diseases and this number is increasing. The functional medicine perspective accepts that chronic diseases occur as a result of inflammation in the body, that is, the body’s reaction response to abnormal conditions. With this perspective, while treating chronic diseases, we remove many things that may cause inflammation in the first-line treatment from our patients’ lives. We call this period the elimination period and nutrition is an indispensable part of this period. The factors we have arranged for this purpose can be examined under several headings besides nutrition. The patient’s sleep habits, toilet habits, fluids consumed, stress, chemicals, electromagnetic load and sedentary lifestyle are the main ones.

Our belief that diseases start from the gut makes diet the most important component of the elimination period.

Our aim in the elimination diet is to reduce the alarm level that has already increased in the body to a normal level as soon as possible, to regulate the response of the damaged intestines and whose immune system response is not normal, and to prepare a suitable environment for them to regain their health.

For this, potential allergens and foods known to harm the intestines should be excluded from the diet. The aim here is to provide balance before losing weight, but many people who make this diet say goodbye to their weight permanently.

Although the elimination diet varies according to the patient, it is continued for 6-8 weeks. In this process, it is gradually stopped after replacing the missing vitamins and minerals and supporting the intestines with supplements.
In addition to some foods that are strictly cut in the elimination diet, there are also foods that are cut specifically for the person. If the client has histamine intolerance or other underlying diseases, some foods in addition to our list below may be discontinued. Sometimes, our patients may have foods that we allow from this list. In general, the framework of our elimination diet is as follows:

What should not be consumed in the diet;

1. All Cereals Containing Gluten (Wheat, vermicelli, cracked wheat, whole wheat, barley, rye…) and Their Flours
2. All Types of Sugar and Sweeteners (Glucose-fructose syrup, sucrose, aspartame and other sweeteners)
3. Milk and Dairy Products (Kefir, cheese, yogurt (including homemade), all kinds of animal milk)
4. Beef and Processed Meat Products (salami, sausage, preservatives and gluten-containing bacon)
5. Shellfish
7. Soy and Soy Foods
9. Peanuts

As I said before, this list can be expanded according to the individual.
When I count the foods that are forbidden in the elimination diet, I usually get a response from people like what will I eat. Listing free foods can help with this;

1. Coming from Nature; Fruits and Vegetables (may have special restrictions for some people.)
2. Unroasted Nuts
3. Healthy Fats Like Olive Oil, Clarified Oil
4.Oil Seeds (Chia, flaxseed…)
5. Fresh Small Sea Fish in Season
6. Lamb Meat
7.Organic, Free-Ranging, Non-GMO-Fed Poultry
8. Spices (Turmeric, Black Pepper, Ginger, Thyme, Sumac, Rosemary, Cinnamon) Spices will also provide extra support to your health with their antioxidant power.
9. Rice is Free (Without Exaggerating the Quantity, No Noodles).

What about legumes?

Legumes; It’s A Personal Decision.

During the elimination diet, you should plan what you will eat. Especially if you are working, planning from the previous day or the weekend can be life saving. Unfortunately, my patients who do not plan ahead are either starving, which can negatively affect their metabolism or disrupt their diet. Unfortunately, you need to know that there is no logic that nothing happens in elimination. Especially the first 3 forbidden foods are foods that should not be consumed even once. Questions such as when to start an elimination diet, which supplement, or when to add which food, are completely personal, and if functional medicine training and herbal medicines are recommended, it will be determined specifically for you by your physician who has received training in phytotherapy.

This diet is a diet consisting of many steps, I do not recommend you to do it without doctor’s control.

Healthy days.

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