Elbow Pains

There are multiple causes of elbow pain; overuse, difficult and wrong movements, occupation, various sports activities (golf, tennis, boxing…) are some of them. Elbow disorders can be caused by arm muscles, elbow tendons, bones and bursae, but they can also develop secondary to other orthopedic problems.

There are several types of elbow disorders; such as medial epicondylitis, lateral epicondylitis, calcifications, elbow dislocations, fractures, ligaments, sprains….

Elbow disorders; It can be diagnosed by various methods such as medical history, physical examination, X-Ray, CT, MRI, EMG, biopsy from bursa fluid. The physician chooses the one that is suitable for the patient’s condition and problem and makes the most appropriate approach to the patient.

Treatments for elbow problems are also varied;

*Ice therapy

* Rest treatments

*Lifestyle changes


*Steroid Injections

* Elbow fillings

* Elbow pain exercises

*NSAID medical treatments

*Surgical approaches

These treatments are chosen depending on the disease itself and its severity.

There are many important points to be considered while doing the exercises; First of all, before starting the exercise, a physician should be examined, the problem should be determined and diagnosed, the treatment deemed appropriate by the physician should be applied for the required period of time, and the exercise plan should be created by the physician. Exercises should be gentle and movements that will force the elbow excessively should be avoided. No stretching exercises should be performed that will damage the muscles and other elbow structures. Appropriate sports techniques should be used, sports equipment should be kept in correct grip positions, tension should be kept at the right amount, warming up and stretching should not be ignored, and appropriate equipment should be used while performing certain movements and sports. Taking breaks from repetitive tasks is also important. Because, as we mentioned above, most of the elbow problems occur as a result of repetitive movements.

The effectiveness of various types of exercise has been proven by current studies; Eccentric exercises, isometric exercises, static stretching exercises…like. However, a physician should be consulted for the most appropriate exercise selection for the complaint.

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