Egg Freezing Procedure for Pregnancy in Advanced Ages

Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Seval Taşdemir explained for you what the egg freezing method is and in which situations it is applied.

The egg freezing method, which women resort to in order to have children in the future, was used only in cancer patients. Today, with the change made in the IVF regulation by the Ministry of Health, women with reduced ovarian reserve at an early age or at risk of entering early menopause are allowed to freeze their eggs on the condition that they also prove this situation.

Fertility can be protected

Pregnancy and live births can be done with frozen eggs and by placing the ovarian tissue in different parts of the body.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy used affect ovarian functions in women and lead to early menopause, which we call premature ovarian failure. Apart from this, various factors such as genetic features, age of the mother, chromosomal causes, autoimmune diseases, infections, surgical causes, various chemicals, smoking and alcohol use, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet can cause early menopause. In the treatment of early menopause, primarily the treatment of identified problems is provided. Then, the time to menopause can be extended with hormone supplements.

The age of marriage and having children has started to be postponed to future periods due to various reasons. For this reason, egg freezing can be performed to protect fertility against the causes of infertility caused by early menopause or other factors.

Eggs taken from women whose ovaries may be damaged for various reasons can be frozen for later use in IVF applications.

Eggs can be frozen

One of the most important developments is that the tissues taken from the ovaries of women can be stored by freezing and used to obtain eggs in the future. Pregnancy can be achieved by placing the tissue pieces stored by freezing back into the ovaries. Similar studies are underway with male ovarian tissue (testicle).

Things to know about egg freezing

The beginning of the egg freezing process; It is like an IVF treatment protocol. First of all, the eggs are grown properly or the eggs are followed in natural cycles, and then the eggs are collected and stored. Obtained eggs are stored by freezing with various freezing techniques.

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