Effects of Social Media on Human Psychology

Internet, one of the biggest mass media tools of today, and the social media it brought, undoubtedly have effects on human psychology. Most of us cannot give up on the internet, in many areas the internet has now become a part of our daily lives. Social media, on the other hand, has settled into our lives as factors that enter our daily lives with the internet and smart phones. It would not be wrong to say that social media networks, which are changing and developing at a tremendous speed, have changed many behaviors and habits in people. For example. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing that is usually done is e-mail, facebook, whatsapp etc. is to control. Social media is now very influential on people’s psychology and social life. Although we do not know the exact effects yet, the researches carried out every day continue to provide us with new information in this field. While some studies focus on the negative effects of social media, others talk about its positive effects.

Social media allows people to find old friends, share with like-minded people, communicate with distant friends and relatives, and socialize in these ways. These are the positive effects of social media. However, there is also a danger here. The effort of individuals to develop an identity and socialize in the virtual environment by breaking away from real life and relationships, can keep them away from socializing, as well as allowing them to develop feelings such as grudge, anger and hatred. In particular, individuals who have difficulties in face-to-face relations with their environment are more fond of social media. They are starting to prefer social platforms, including virtual games and time-wasting applications. People now share a photo, video, etc. on social networks instead of chatting face to face. they prefer to share. Social media usage age is also quite low. Because of this situation, children are now more interested in PC, console and virtual games instead of street or park games. As it is seen, social media has benefits in terms of socialization as well as harms as a result of excessive use.

Difficulties in distinguishing between the virtual and the real is one of the biggest problems of virtual networks. People who cannot find the opportunity to build a new self, feel strong, and express themselves very well in normal life, find this opportunity thanks to social media and can use it as a means of expressing themselves. However, the reality is often quite the opposite.

Information that can be accessed in social networks in a short way allows people to communicate with others in a short way by pressing a few buttons. In this way, people who prefer to spend more time on sharing information in the virtual environment can get away from the real social environment and people. Almost all kinds of information shared extremely quickly and intensively steals the time and satisfaction that the brain allocates for socialization. It can lead to distance from close relationships in real life. Instead of real relationships in daily life, virtual socialization meets this need. There are people of all ages, professions and personalities on social networks. Many people actually prefer to be in virtual environments in search of a sense of belonging.

Internet usage for a few hours a day is normal nowadays. However, spending hours on sharing sites every day, fulfilling all kinds of needs over the internet, playing very intense games are factors that will turn it into addiction after a while. By recognizing this, it is in our hands to avoid this result.

It is very important not to ignore the positive aspects of technological developments as well as the negative aspects that affect people and to raise awareness on this issue. For this reason, it is necessary to use social media when necessary and not to break away from real communication. Because face-to-face communication and sharing are necessary for personal development. If virtual communication exceeds live communication, it is possible that your relations will progress in a negative way. Conscious use of the internet and social media is very important in order not to miss life by losing your connection with reality.

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