Effects of Mobile Phone and Computer Use During Pregnancy on Mother and Baby

It is clear whether cell phone and computer use is harmful during pregnancy.

Although there is no opinion, the behavior in the babies of mothers who use mobile phones frequently during pregnancy.

It has been shown that various mental illnesses, including mental illness, are more common.

conducted on approximately 13,000 children at Yale University in the United States.

In the study, even a pregnant woman picking up and using her mobile phone several times a day will be born.

some problems such as hyperactivity, behavioral disorders, emotional turmoil when the child reaches school age.

revealed a higher risk of mental illness. done again

In studies, the same behavioral disorders are more common in children who use mobile phones before the age of 7 years.

has been shown to be common.

The use of mobile phones in early developmental children causes learning disorders.

In addition, it can cause muscle weakness by causing varying degrees of damage to nerve cells.

can cause developmental disorders. Especially after the emergence of smartphones

due to internet connection not only during phone calls but even when the phone is idle

The level of this damage may increase further due to the continuous sending and receiving of signals.

In order to minimize these damages, our suggestions are;

Do not carry the phone on yourself all the time, your mobile phone is higher than your current location.

place it far away and keep distance between you.

If possible, do not put your cell phone in the bedroom. Your cell phone in the bedroom

There are studies showing that it deteriorates the quality. Use an alarm clock instead of a cell phone as an alarm.

Keep talk times minimal. While this is very important even for normal people, be more careful;

while non-pregnant women should try not to exceed the limit of talking for no more than 30 minutes a day, you

Speak on the cell phone only when necessary.

Conversation with the mobile phone as far away as possible via wired headphones as much as possible.

do it.

Do not stay too close to places with high voltage and high antennas.

As a result, whether cell phone and computer use during pregnancy is harmful.

Although there is not very precise information about it, using it as little as possible is always on you.

It is beneficial to take precautions such as not carrying your clothes and using a bluetooth headset while talking on the phone.

it could be.

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