Here are 10 great reasons to exercise regularly…

  1. It strengthens the capacity of the cardiovascular system and lungs
  2. It balances good and bad (HDL/LDL) cholesterol in the blood and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. With the strengthening of the muscle, bone and joint structure, protection against the risk of osteoporosis is provided in the future, especially in women.
  4. With the increase in muscle tissue and decrease in adipose tissue, the metabolic rate increases and you start to burn your food faster.
  5. Blood sugar regulates. Failure of a person with insulin sensitivity to exercise adequately will lead to diabetes.
  6. Depending on regular exercise, body energy increases and the feeling of fatigue decreases to a minimum.
  7. Blood pressure is stabilized and the risks of high blood pressure are minimized.
  8. Premature aging is prevented. A healthy and tight skin tone occurs, sagging is delayed.
  9. It provides a longer and quality life.
  10. Stress decreases and makes the person feel better, a more positive perspective develops. An increase in mental performance is observed.

Pulse: Heart rate is important in walking. For exercise to have a beneficial effect, it is necessary to set your heart rate correctly. Thus, you increase the rate of fat burning. In other words, your heart rate during exercise should be between 110-145 so that fat burning is at the best level.

Duration: Fat burning takes place 18-22 minutes after starting the exercise with the appropriate heart rate and tempo, the most efficient time is 40-45 minutes. Exercising longer than an hour can cause muscle loss.

Healthy days…

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