Effects of divorce on children

Divorce potentially brings with it a series of changes that will seriously affect the development of children, and in this sense, it is defined as a trauma for the child. This trauma is experienced as a kind of loss-mourning reaction. He may feel that he has left home or lost a parent he does not live with. A new anxiety brought by these feelings and thoughts is the fear of losing the other parent. These dynamics may lead to different psychological reactions in children and adolescents according to different ages.

On the other hand, a child who grows up in an uneasy environment with serious disagreements and fights may also be exposed to traumatic effects. Perhaps the most important point here is that when parents make the decision to divorce, they try not to reflect the problems on their children as much as possible until the result is clear. It is known that in many marriages, violent arguments continue at home for many years before the divorce, one or two of the parents have psychological problems, and they live apart and reconcile many times. Children who witness all these processes experience intense anxiety stemming from uncertainty. Unfortunately, it is an uncommon reality that parents sometimes reflect the anger they feel towards their spouses to their children due to their own psychological state and the tension caused by the conflict, and that they disparage their spouses and their families to their children.

There is a very important point that every parent should know: Half of a child consists of the mother and half of the father. Every positive or negative word you say about the other parent, your child will live as if he said it about himself.

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