Effective communication techniques

1-) VOICE TONE: The ups and downs in our tone of voice are the things that emphasize the event we want to tell. If the tone continues in the same way, it means that there will be trouble here and those who listen to you will get bored after a long time. Those who constantly speak with the same tone of voice are those who do not add their feelings to the subject and do not have a command of the subject or do not believe in the subject. Because people want to talk very passionately about what they believe and know and spread this knowledge. You can improve this by practicing in front of the mirror.

2-) BODY LANGUAGE: To create an effective body language, you need to stand up straight, control your hands and arms, and control your facial expressions. If you pay attention to these, you can give the message you want to give effectively.

3-) EYE CONTACT: It is another communication method that strengthens the message you want to convey and shows your intention. It is the greatest proof of self-confidence.

4-) INFORMATION: If we don’t have knowledge, we don’t have power. If we cannot dominate the whole subject over the subject we have talked about, we will have problems. We have problems in our tone of voice, body language and eye contact.

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