Education and career counseling

Career Counseling, which starts from the first year of high school, covers a wide process including business life.

Career Counseling, which includes department selection and guidance for first year high school students, then carries out work on university choice.

Career Counseling includes career planning for university students, counseling for new graduates, guidance for those who have entered business life, and giving direction to different pursuits in business life. Within the scope of the study, the abilities and needs of the person are analyzed first. Their life expectancy is determined for the short and long term. During the interview, the client is mentored so that he or she can make short and long-term plans. This process is carried out by experienced psychologists and psychological counselors. Sometimes, the counselor brings the client together with other professionals related to his area of ​​expertise. If the client prefers, three-way interviews can be held. The consultant psychologist and the professional manager of the related field can mentor the client in the same session. For example, a communication design student has chosen to work as a designer with a software team as a career goal. This student, who received consultancy for a while and determined a roadmap, will take a clearer path when he talks to an experienced project manager. In this case, the psychologist and the informatics expert make a joint interview with the client and mentor him to draw up his own roadmap.

A psychologist may seek counseling from an experienced colleague to determine what to specialize in and how to proceed.

An IT specialist or an engineer can evaluate his strengths and weaknesses in his career journey, solve the relational issues he wants to strengthen, and move towards becoming a good team leader and set a top-level manager as a goal in the process. These are just a few of the hundreds of interviews we’ve experienced.

Vocational counseling covers a wide period of time, starting with the choice of university and department, including business life. The person develops himself professionally by advancing with experts in his field. Thus, emotional difficulties and time losses are reduced. It is easier for the client to create the necessary motivation for a successful career. Stress and anxiety are minimized, as well as material and moral losses.

Career Counseling increases the quality of life by opening the doors of a balanced and successful business life.

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