Different factors play a role in persistent and recurrent eczema. A group of eczema is also considered as an occupational disease, and this group includes housewife eczema due to soap & detergents, painters, textile workers etc. Among the causes of this type of eczema are external factors that frequently come into contact with the skin of the hand. Stress factor plays a role in another group of eczema.

In addition, internal organ diseases, circulatory disorders, diabetes, etc. Many factors can cause eczema.

In our clinic, necessary internal organ tests, allergy skin tests can be applied in eczema, and treatment programs for the cause are successfully applied.

In addition, mesotherapy, which is a French treatment; It gives successful results in eczema that does not respond to resistant treatments. This treatment is applied by our specialist doctor with a mesotherapy device only to the area of ​​eczema on the skin. Eczema treatment with mesotherapy; It is much more effective than other treatments and is extremely safe in terms of side effects.

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