Eczema is a general term, there are many types of eczema. In general, itching, redness and
presents as flaking. Stress and drying of the skin increase the risk of eczema. dryness, eczema
is the factor that triggers the most discomfort. For this reason, the area with eczema is constantly moist.
must be kept.

In the treatment of eczema, it is very important to avoid external factors that will trigger eczema together with medications.
Although eczema is not completely eliminated, the recurrence of the disease by reducing the risk factors
can be prevented.

In some occupational groups, the type of eczema called allergic contact dermatitis is very common. Especially the hairdresser
and in professions such as the builder. People working in these professions may have some
have to use chemicals. In such cases, eczema treatment becomes more difficult.

Although eczema is not completely eliminated, the negative effects of the disease can be reduced.

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