Eating in front of a screen

Studies show that eating in front of a screen is one of the important causes of obesity in children and adolescents. There may be several reasons for this; possibly consuming higher calorie foods on the screen and not being able to perceive that the person is full, being exposed to advertisements of unhealthy products among the contents on the screen, sleep disturbance and accordingly deterioration in the release of appetite-related hormones.

In addition, meals are actually a very good opportunity for all members of the family to come together and share.

Of course, I take into account that the anxiety of mothers with a lack of appetite/weak child is one of the important factors in the establishment of this habit.

  • Remember, for 0-2 year olds, screen is not recommended not only at meal but also at other times.
  • You decide when and what your child will eat. Make it a rule to sit at the table together when it’s meal time, but let your child determine the amount of food he eats. Do not insist when full, do not bribe/bargain/ offer tablets to eat more
  • All children who do not have a significant developmental problem will definitely show that they are hungry. Remind him to wait for the next meal when he says he is hungry. It is very unlikely that your child, who eats a few meals until this order is settled, will have a serious health problem 🙂
  • As with any rule, when you lift the tablet, your child will probably force you to bend this rule. Be firm and try not to make exceptions!

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