Eating Disorder? Obsession?: Orthorexia Nervosa

There is a subject that has become popular in recent years; Orthorexia Nervosa, well healthy eating obsession . Many people want and pay attention to a healthy diet, but when it comes to orthorexia nervosa healthy eating it goes further, only healthy foods are tried to be consumed all the time, healthy eating becomes an obsession, and individuals have no occupations and interests in their lives other than healthy eating. Since orthorexia is a disease that has just started to be seen quite frequently, it is still a matter of debate whether it is an eating disorder or an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Healthy Eating Obsession

People with orthorexia want to be super healthy and natural. In order to achieve these goals, they constantly avoid consuming foods containing additives, protective substances, fat or animal additives, and high-calorie weight-gaining foods and beverages. Because they exaggerate this situation, they encounter problems such as malnutrition, excessive weight loss, and decreased body resistance against diseases. from the Internet, television and magazines diet and follow publications on healthy eating and do research. If this situation is not prevented, all these can turn into obsessions over time. That’s why orthorexia nervosa is actually extremely dangerous. Because individuals who develop an obsessive addiction to healthy foods are no different from those who constantly diet. These individuals are very selective because of the fear of finding a harmful substance in the foods they eat and the drinks they drink. Advanced cases are anorexia nervosa They lose weight rapidly, as do patients. But the purpose of this disease; it’s not weight loss, it’s just trying to eat healthy food.

What are the symptoms?

  • Constantly planning and preparing the next meal

  • Constantly wandering around the market and researching natural products

  • not eating out

  • Constant dieting and feeling guilty when eating something considered harmful

  • Criticizing unhealthy diets

  • Giving up many foods because of fears

  • Avoiding all foods containing food additives

  • Weight loss in the future

  • Internet, television, newspaper, etc. constantly follow information about healthy eating from sources

What can be done?

Individuals with Orthorexia Nervosa can return to a uniform diet after a certain period of time. This causes both weight loss and an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. First of all, with psychological support, help should be sought from nutritionists about how healthy food choices can be and what can happen.

  • Information should be given that the favorite foods will not be harmful when consumed in certain doses.

  • Can be taught how to create healthy menus outside.

  • It should be emphasized that healthy eating does not mean constant dieting.

  • Care should be taken to choose healthy but tasty foods.

  • It is necessary to learn not the calorie values ​​of foods, but the nutritional elements in them and to know their health benefits.

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