Earwax (Plug) – Eardrum Perforation

plug(ear wax) It is more often observed in those who clean the external ear canal with a cotton swab or those with oily skin.

It can cause itching in the ear, a feeling of congestion, pain, loss of hearing. Complaints increase especially after contact with water (bathing, swimming, etc.).

In the treatment, it is removed with the help of a plug curette or by sucking with an aspirator after glycerin is dropped and softened. It does not need to be removed unless it is uncomfortable.

In the past, the method of washing the ear canal with pressure water was used. Since it can both damage the eardrum and be hygienically inconvenient, its use has decreased considerably.

Before this type of cleaning, it should be ensured that the eardrum is not punctured.

Eardrum Perforation

The eardrum may be perforated due to trauma or infection. From time to time, discharge and hearing loss occur in the ear. If it does not close by itself in at least 6 weeks, it is necessary to close it with an operation. If the eardrum remains perforated for many years, since the middle ear is open to the external environment, infections occur in the middle ear mucosa and eventually become chronic. Stinky discharges that progress by melting the ear ossicles and permanent damage to the ear may occur. Hearing loss increases. The eardrum operation is an operation that we call myringoplasty, in which we patch using a cartilage membrane or fascia. If the eardrum holes are accompanied by polyps and infection in the middle ear and mastioid bone, we perform a larger operation in which we tour the ear bones (tympanoplasty variants or mastoidectomy). If there is a problem in middle ear bone conduction with tympanic membrane perforation, middle ear bone repair can also be performed (tympanoplasty types, ossiculoplasty). Ultimately, it is important to make the ear an infection-free, audible, closed environment.

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