Early Diagnosis in Childhood Diseases

As with any disease, early diagnosis is very important in hearing loss in children.

More common in school-age children and families whose children do not hear me,
He gives irrelevant answers to the questions I ask, he’s been watching TV much more lately.
started to monitor closely, that the complaints may be a health problem in the ear.
Notable Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Specialist
Kiss. Dr. Davut Tepe, Mothers and fathers take care of their children for their health during the holiday period.
They also had the opportunity to follow them more closely. Especially in otorhinolaryngological complaints.
It is more common in school-age children during these periods when it is common in
My child does not hear me, gives irrelevant answers to my questions, lately
Hearing answers to questions like he started watching television much more closely.
our senses appear as a disease in the ear. Your child sounds
If it is not responding appropriately, attention should be paid, as conditions such as
it could be. Sometimes, hearing loss, including hearing loss in only one ear,
mild forms are difficult to detect.
Even mild hearing loss can negatively affect the child’s ability to learn through hearing.
It is important to remember that it can affect The most important symptom of possible hearing loss
delay in speech and language development. Field of view, especially if there are few disturbances
not noticing people speaking outside, Regardless of the noise level,
frightened or surprised look when he realizes what is being said
sitting close to the television when it is high enough for members to hear,
Turning the volume of the stereo to unreasonably high levels,
not responding to conversations and/or constantly changing ears, To intense, loud sounds
situations such as not responding are important factors that indicate that the child may not be hearing normally.
one of the symptoms.
As in every disease, early diagnosis is very important in hearing loss that develops in children.
plays an important role. If there are complaints that we have just mentioned, a specialist ear nose
A throat specialist should be consulted.

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