Earache in Babies

The causes of ear pain are very diverse. Pimples appearing in the outer ear tube make the child very uncomfortable.
it does. To understand that ear pain is caused by acne, finger on the front of the ear.
press it. If the child cries out in pain during suppression; civilization is suspected.

Severe febrile diseases cause earache by causing middle ear infections. Also hearing
Fluid-filled blisters may also form in the tube and eardrum.

How to Recognize

• It is very difficult to diagnose ear pain in infants. Where does it hurt because you can’t speak?
can’t tell.

• If the baby shakes his head from side to side while shouting and crying in pain, it is absolutely necessary to suspect an earache.

• To find out which ear hurts, when the child is silent, press the front of the ear with your finger.
If the child starts screaming in pain again, it means that there is pain in that ear. Check the other ear in the same way.
Please pay.

• While pressing the front of the ear with the finger of one hand to ensure control; hold the auricle with your other hand
pull it both ways.

What to do

• If the baby is in a lot of pain and crying all the time; put a few drops of “ear drops” into the ear tube.
If you do not have a drop that you use for the same purpose, do not give random medication.

• You can apply a pain reliever suppository to keep the baby comfortable until you go to the doctor.

• If this is not the case, chamomile or linden juice may also be good.

• For the same purpose, you can mix linden water with honey.

• Other than these, do not rely on the advice you hear from right or left.


If the cause of the pain is an ear infection; Poor results, up to deafness, if not taken seriously
may arise. The most dangerous is otitis media. The ear discharge you will see on your pillow is the most obvious of this.
is the sign.

As we mentioned before; ear inflammation is usually a febrile illness complication (side effect)
arises. Treatment is aimed at neutralizing the original disease microbe. When the original disease is treated
The ear infection will also heal on its own.

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