Earache and Middle Ear Inflammation

The most frequently diagnosed disease in children who go to the doctor for examination is otitis media. for the first three years
About one-third of all children develop otitis media. middle puppet inflammation, same
It is also the most common cause of hearing loss in children.

What is Middle Ear Inflammation?
It is the name given to the microbial inflammation of the middle ear consisting of the eardrum and ossicles. one or
occurs in both ears.
Although it is common in children, it can also be seen in adults. Often at the beginning of winter and spring
is seen.

Is it important?
Yes, the hearing loss it causes, as a result, reduces the learning capacity of the child and
It is important because it causes delay in speech. It can cause severe ear pain, especially ear
It is also important because it can spread to the bone and other areas of the head.

However, if necessary and regular treatment is given, it is not significant and hearing loss is almost always present.
time corrects. Therefore, it is very important to diagnose otitis media and start treatment immediately.
is important.

How Does the Middle Ear Work?
The middle ear is a pea-sized amount of air separated from the outer ear canal by the paper-thin eardrum.
It is a filled void. In the middle ear, three ossicles, a kind of bridge, between the eardrum and the inner ear
has created. When sound waves hit the eardrum, these three ossicles vibrate together with the eardrum.
The waves reflected in the ear, meanwhile, turn into nerve impulses sent to the brain.
The healthy middle ear contains air that has as much pressure as outside the ear (atmospheric), so the membrane
and the ossicles can vibrate freely. The eustachian tube extending from the back of the nose (nasal) to the middle ear
The middle ear is ventilated through a tube called ‘tube’. you yawn or swallow
when you hear a ‘click’ air in your ear, that means you need to
there has been an air passage to this middle ear. This event repeats itself more than a thousand times every day.

What Causes Middle Ear Inflammation?
Most commonly, microbes enter the mouth or nose and reach the middle ear via the Eustachian tube.
opens. In cases such as flu, cold, allergy, sinusitis or cold, the Eustachian tube swells and becomes blocked,
so that air cannot pass into the middle ear and the middle ear cannot be cleaned, ear pain, redness during inflammation
eardrum, pus collection is seen behind the eardrum.
Sometimes the eardrum is perforated and the inflammation flows out of the ear. But mostly because the Eustachian tube cannot be opened.
ear discharge accumulates in the middle ear. This is called ‘fluid accumulation in the middle ear’ and is often persistent. Sore
After the febrile middle inflammation has passed, this fluid can stay here for weeks, months or even years. even more
Worse, the presence of liquid causes microbes to multiply comfortably here, causing frequent otitis media.
it causes.

What are the Complaints of Middle Ear Inflammation?
The most common is severe ear pain. The person feels pressure, congestion in the ear. Unable to describe ear pain

Children pull or scratch their affected ears. Especially in children, fever is accompanied by pain.
Hearing is mostly reduced. This event causes the fluid in the middle ear to dampen the vibrations of the ossicles.
With appropriate treatment, this fluid disappears and hearing returns to its original state. If not treated properly, unfortunately
a hearing loss may develop.

What to Expect in Ear, Nose, Throat Examination?

During the examination, the ear, nose, throat physician should check the eardrum, its color, and the character of the discharge, if any.
At the same time, two tests may be performed to reveal findings that cannot be detected by examination.
One of them is the hearing test (audiogram).
hearing is detected. The other test is a test that measures middle ear pressure (tympanogram). These two tests
It helps the physician about the extent of the disease and the selection of the appropriate treatment.
Important of Medications: The physician may prescribe one or more for your child. one against germs
It could be an antibiotic that fights. Although antibiotics are good for ear pain by reducing inflammation,
It may take a long time for the inflammation to completely go away. Appropriate treatment may be 10 to 14 days, so
Make sure your child is receiving full treatment. Completely understand the directions for use of the drug.

The physician can also prescribe auxiliary drugs, which support each other and help heal faster.
it could be.
If you have the slightest doubt about the drugs or if the complaints do not go away in sufficient time, please immediately
call your doctor.

What Other Treatments May Be Necessary?

Most otitis media resolve with appropriate drug therapy. In some cases, the physician may also prescribe other treatments.
can predict. For example, the inflammation can be drained by scratching the eardrum. This will both reduce the pain immediately and
It also helps speed recovery. The hole will close on its own within a few days.
However, fluid may accumulate again, as the eardrum will close before the inflammation is completely gone. overcome this
The ear, nose and throat doctor can insert a very small ventilation tube into the eardrum. This tube
It helps the person to hear by equalizing the middle ear pressure with the air pressure.
Ear, nose, throat doctor, a middle ear infection and the eustachian tube will remain in the membrane until it heals.
selects the vent tube. This period can be weeks or even months. The tube does not cause any complaints, the child
There is a marked increase in hearing. And the frequency of otitis media is considerably reduced.
Otitis media can recur due to the adenoid and tonsil, which constantly contain microbes. If
If this is the case, the physician can also perform adenoid and tonsil operation while inserting a ventilation tube.

Allergies may also need treatment.

Remember: otitis media is not a cause for concern when properly treated. your physician
You can help your child hear and heal better.
Make sure you follow the treatment plan well until your doctor tells you that your child has fully recovered.
Please be.

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