Ear pain is a complex issue. There may be a simple reason, but also life-threatening problems may occur. For this reason, the examination of the otolaryngologist prevents wrong treatment and unnecessary interventions. We can collect the causes of ear pain in two groups.


one) Ear infections: At the beginning of these is the inflammation of the external ear canal (external otitis), called swimmer’s ear. Unhygienic environments in places such as pools, sea, spas, etc., prepare the ground for external ear infections. It is common in people who poke and scratch the inside of the ear too much. There may also be a fungal infection with ear itching.

In the treatment, it is treated according to the stage of the infection. Local treatment is carried out. Its treatment takes a few days, and this process is also painful. Another cause of pain is otitis media. It is more common in children after upper respiratory tract infections. Usually, there is pain that lasts all night, making the child cry. Feeding young children lying down and especially bottle feeding is also a reason. Appropriate drugs (antibiotics, nasal drops, decongestants) are given in the treatment.

If the middle ear inflammation is chronic, the eardrum is perforated and draining. This inflammatory discharge also causes pain in the ear. It is more common in adults.

The treatment is surgery. A viral infection that affects the eardrum, called myringitis, also causes pain. Viral diseases that cause facial paralysis can also cause painful, fluid-filled vesicles in and around the ear canal.

Apart from these, diseases such as influenza, measles and rubella, which are also caused by viruses, can cause ear pain.

2) Ear traumas are another cause of pain. Among the blows to the ear, reasons such as hitting and hitting are common. In addition, pressure trauma (altitude changes, underwater), freezing, burning can also cause pain.

3) Eustachian tube problems are the most common of these, Eustachian tube dysfunction. The closed eustachian tube for various reasons can cause ear pain.

4)Earwax can swell and cause pain, especially after bathing.

5)Foreign bodies in the ear.

B) Extra-Ear Causes (Referred Pains)
Although there is no pathological condition in the ear in this type of pain, a problem elsewhere may occur as earache due to the common sensory nerves. In fact, there is no problem with the ear.

one) Throat and neck infections. Ear pain is most common due to tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Infections of the neck, pharynx, esophagus and larynx also have the same effect.

2)Cancers of the throat and neck organs (mentioned above).

3)Jaw joint diseases

4)Sinusitis and facial infections, cancers.

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