Earwax plug is the accumulation of earwax (cerumen or plug) in the ear.

occurs with a feeling of congestion. Cerumen, in the external ear canal, that is, with the auricle

in the skin of the cartilaginous part of the external auditory canal, seen in the distance between the eardrum

black, dark red, brown, dark yellow, light yellow produced by glands found in

It is a natural secretion that can be colored. Although cerumen or plug can be used as earwax.

This structure cleans, moisturizes and protects the external ear canal.

The plugging of the plug is more common in some people. Especially the structural

in those with ear canal stenosis, in people with structurally high cerumen production, external

In those who have congenital anomalies related to the ear, who have undergone surgery related to the external auditory canal

occurs more frequently.

If the plug forms a plug, the patient;

a) congestion in the ear

b) hearing loss

c) earache

d) ringing in the ear

e) reverberation from the ear

f) imbalance

g) itching in the ear

h) ear discharge

i) may cause complaints such as reflex coughing

Patients with such complaints should consult an otolaryngologist.

is necessary. The plugs of the patients who do not have any complaints are not cleaned. However, clear symptoms

in young children who cannot manifest as

cleaning can be done even if there is no complaint.

The plug is cleaned in different ways. Method one, glycerin, almond oil, hydrogen

using solutions containing substances such as peroxide and then cleaning with washing,

another method is to take it with a special set of tools or to vacuum it. in cleaning

The method to be chosen depends on the patient’s condition and the hardness of the plug. Before

patients who have undergone ear surgery and prior eardrum perforation

Patients who know that they have a disease should definitely inform their doctor. Because your doctor is in your ear

He cannot see the eardrum because it is dirt. Cleaning with water in these patients

not applicable.

In public, it seems that once the earwax is cleaned, it should always be cleaned.

There is a belief. However, this is not true. The reason for the need for frequent cleaning in these people is more.

As we mentioned before, it is due to the structural characteristics of the patient. Do not tighten the plug plug frequently.

It is necessary to be careful especially when using ear buds in patients with repeated

It should be explained that ear buds should not be inserted towards the ear canal. ear buds

It is to clean the dirt in the auricle, that is, the auricle.

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